‘Life tables’ study sheds light on dog breed life expectancy

Researchers hope findings in a massive study on dog life expectancy could be central to helping vets steer owners away from brachycephalic breeds. Breeds with the greatest and lowest life expectancies were studied, with French bulldogs having the shortest at 4.5 years and Jack Russell terriers the highest at 12.7 years. The average age life … Read more

Research sheds light on best housing for ferret welfare

Poor choice of toys or environmental enrichments can make ferrets more combative and less likely to play with others, according to research. A new study by the RVC has revealed the toys and improvements to housing that can directly impact on ferrets’ health and well-being. While good environmental enrichment is beneficial, inappropriate attempts to enhance … Read more

Survey shines light on lack of cognitive dysfunction awareness

More than a quarter of all cat and dog owners are unaware their pet can develop cognitive dysfunction syndrome. A survey commissioned for Vets4Pets as part of a wider campaign to raise consumer awareness of the condition and improve early detection also found half of respondents would not be confident identifying early indicators of it, … Read more