Family Dogs Nearly Sacrifice Their Lives Guarding 2 Toddlers From Poisonous Snake

Dogs may be the most selfless beings on Earth, and this story proves that they’d take a bullet for the ones they love – or in this case, a snake bite. Pups Slayer and Paco, who belong to Melissa Butt, were in their Florida backyard with Butt’s two grandchildren, ages four and one. The dogs … Read more

UC Davis’ Orphan Kitten Project Helps Own Students Learn While Saving Lives

Through multiple hands-on learning projects, the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine aims to prepare students for future careers as animal medicine practitioners. And one of their initiatives not only gives med students hands-on experience but also saves the lives of tiny kittens who might have otherwise perished in the wild. The Orphan Kitten Project … Read more

Unique Sanctuary Lets Dogs Live Out Their Lives In Luxury After Their Owners Pass

After Rita Lynd adopted Hannah the Boxer, she looked into her beautiful eyes and made her a promise. She promised that one day, she would open a sanctuary for orphaned dogs to live out their future years in comfort and care. This promise was made in 2009, and after years of hard work and fundraising, … Read more

After losing our family dogs, we could not bear more grief. Then Covid brought puppy love back into our lives | Maddie Thomas

Two years ago, when my family dog ​​died, it marked the end of an era. There were no scuttling feet and a sniff to greet me when I came home to visit and no companion for my parents to go on walks with. We have had a dog for as long as I can remember. … Read more

Dog Who Lost Leg While Saving Lives In Afghanistan Passes Away

UPDATE 7/21/2021 – After 14 wonderful years on this planet, Lucca the German Shepherd passed away of old age. She received a full military burial at the Michigan War Dog Memorial. The brave pup deserves this honor after leading 400 patrols and losing her leg on the job. Marine Master Sergeant Chris Willingham carried the … Read more

Dogs From This Shelter Have A Habit Of Saving Their Humans’ Lives

Gateway Pet Guardians in East Saint Louis, Illinois, work hand-in-hand with their community to keep families together and prevent owned pets from entering an already crowded shelter system. Since their inception in 2004, they have drastically reduced the local stray population through spay / neuter programs, low-cost pet food, affordable veterinary care, and other initiatives … Read more

Deputies Risk Their Lives To Save Chained Dogs From A Burning Fire

Two Candler County deputies put their lives on the line to save two innocent canine friends. Saving these pups meant running toward a potential explosion, but not even this could hold them back from their heroic mission. Captain O’Brien and Deputy Coursey with the Candler County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call about an explosion … Read more

Senior “Campus Dog” Lives To See A Statue Erected In His Honor

A handful of years ago, a black Lab mix wandered onto the campus of Northeast Alabama Community College and decided to make it his home. The lucky dog ​​was lovingly embraced by faculty and students, especially NACC President Dr. David Campbell. His name was Roscoe, and he spent the best years of his life lounging … Read more