What happens in a pet weight loss clinic?

The veterinary nurse takes on a variety of different roles within the veterinary practice. Tasks include taking blood samples, monitoring anaesthetics and looking after inpatients in the dog, cat and exotic wards. But, did you know that veterinary nurses can also help your chunky pet lose weight? Most veterinary practices offer nurse weight loss clinics. So let’s dive into the wonderful world of dieting for pets and see what is likely to occur during your nurse consultation.

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Chicago Fire Cast And Crew Mourn The Loss Of Their Famous Dalmatian Costar

A Dalmatian named Tuesday was a famous actor in the show Chicago Fire. She made occasional appearances on the series as a dog with the same name as herself, and she quickly grew a fanbase. But sadly, after many years with the show, Tuesday had to say goodbye without much warning. Now, Chicago Fire‘s cast … Read more

Loss of EU funding clips wings of vital crow study in Cambridge | Birds

One of Britain’s most important, and unusual, centers for studying cognition is facing imminent closure as a result of Brexit. Set up 22 years ago to study the minds of crows, rooks and other birds noted for their intelligence, the Cambridge Comparative Cognition Laboratory is set to cease operations in July. Its director, Professor Nicola … Read more

Ricki Lake’s New Addition Is Healing Her Heart After Devastating Loss

Back in April, Ricki Lake, Emmy-winning talk show host, actor, and filmmaker, documented and shared some of her journey surrounding her beloved best friend “Mama’s” unexpected diagnosis and eventual passing. As so many devoted dog lovers know all too well, there never seems to be enough time with our furry best friends. They could live … Read more