Lost Dog Rescued After Several Days In Snowy Colorado Mountains

Every year, Curtis Culver and his brother plan a backpacking trip to Grand County, Colorado. Culver’s dog, Stella, usually tags along. This trip was the 20th year so far, but it was the first year they encountered dangerous weather conditions. The three of them had to evacuate to escape a harsh snowstorm, but when help … Read more

Lost Dog Was 2-Days From Being Put Down, But He Still Hoped Dad Would Save Him

When animal control officers brought a sombre-looking “abandoned” Pit Bull home, they knew there was little hope for this elderly puppy. Hank, a Pit Bull, was adopted and given a name. However, despite behavioral and socialization training, Hank did not “act” the way his new owners wanted. Hank was labeled a “failure” and put on … Read more

Animal Rescue Explains Why They Refuse To Return Lost Dog To Family

UPDATE: Unleashed Pet Rescue recently turned to Facebook Live to share their side of the now-viral story of Capone the dog (see original post below). In the video, Reno sits beside Capone, who has been renamed Benedict. He looks nothing like the Palacio photos shared because over half his body is covered in red, irritated … Read more

Woman Quits Job. Buys Night Vision Goggles. Spends 57 Days Searching for Lost Dog.

Carole and Verne King were enjoying a stock-race one night in the small town of Kalispell, Montana when the unthinkable happened. The couple had left their 7-year-old Border Collie, Katie, alone in their room at the dog-friendly hotel where they were staying. The Kings returned to their hotel room to find Katie missing on July … Read more

Police Find Sad Golden Lost On The Beach, With His ‘Massive’ Lump

Henry the Golden Retriever was walking alone in obvious distress. Police officers discovered him and were stunned — not only was Henry homeless and in need of immediate care, but he also had a tumor that nearly doubled his weight. For a tumor to gain 46 pounds indicated that Henry had been neglected for an … Read more

Woman Shares Emotional Reunion With Yorkie Lost Before Cross-Country Move

Time and distance can not break the bond between a human and their dog. Kenyetta Tyler’s Yorkie named Coco went missing seven months ago, and she has moved across the country since then. Tyler feared she might never see Coco again. But the second someone found the Yorkie, Tyler traveled to pick her up as … Read more

Retired First Responder Finds His Lost Dogs During News Interview

Kevin Johnson, a retired firefighter from Calaveras County, California, loves his two Pit Bulls more than anything. One is even in training to become an emotional support dog to help him deal with the trauma of more than 30 years on the job. Johnson lives on a quiet street, so he never expected his dogs … Read more