Lost and found: noisy, tame and very active, Argentina delights in giant otter’s return | Endangered species

“This really is a big animal,” says Sebastián Di Martino, conservation director of Rewilding Argentina, emphasizing the “giant” in giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis). “It can be 1.7 meters long … the biggest otter in the world.” Until its recent rediscovery, the giant otter was feared extinct in the country as a result of habitat loss … Read more

Lost Dog Reports Herself Missing At Local Police Station

For most dog parents, nothing is scarier than not knowing where their furry friends are. Even the best-behaved dogs can run off if they get spooked, and they could remain missing for a while. So, when Rosie the rescued Border Collie ran away after hearing fireworks, her family feared the worst. Luckily, Rosie is an … Read more

Lost and found: how two dead giant bees on eBay sparked the hunt to find one alive | Endangered species

or “flying bulldog” is how conservation photographer Clay Bolt described it, while local people call it king ofu, or the king of bees. Wallace’s giant bee (Megachile pluto) is certainly a bee-hemoth. The world’s largest species of bee, it can grow to four times the size of a honeybee, with a wingspan of 64mm (2.5in). … Read more

Man Approaches His Lost Dog Of Three Years, And The Dog Starts Crying Tears Of Joy

Giorgi Berejiani’s dog, Jorge, went missing from his home in Tbilisi, Georgia, three years ago. He looked all over for his best friend. And as the days turned to months and the months turned to years, he never gave up hope. Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Giorgi Berejiani and Temo Paghava via YouTube Video But all of … Read more

Lost and found: stroke of luck that helped rediscover tiny ‘superhero’ fish | Endangered species

“Hholy loach!” … “Batman loach returns” … “Tiny superhero fish rediscovered” … It was almost inevitable that the rediscovery of the Batman River loach in a stream in eastern Turkey would spawn a slew of comic book puns in headlines around the world. “Batman is a city and province in Turkey with the same name, … Read more

Hikers Find Dog Lost At National Park, Carry Her Over 3-Miles To Safety

As three hikers made their way through a secluded section of Australia’s Mt. Glorious National Park, they heard a splashing sound from a creek bed up ahead. They approached carefully and quietly, expecting to see a kangaroo or a platypus, but were stunned when they saw a chubby dog ​​struggling to free herself from the … Read more

‘Injured Dog’ Lost After Her Human’s Death Finds Familiar Faces Years Later

When BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, Maryland, rescued a Pit Bull named Butter Bee, thinking she was on the brink of death. Someone saw her get hit by a car, and she could barely move afterwards. The kind witness carried her to their car and called the shelter for help. When vets examined her, they … Read more

Lost For 3-Years, He Howls With ‘Joy’ When He Sees His Dad Standing In Front Of Him

Jack, Mike’s dog, went missing three years ago, but he never lost hope of seeing him again. He spent every free moment looking for him and posting ads. Although he remained optimistic, the time without Jack was difficult to endure. Please be sure to WATCH this wonderful and heartwarming video all the way until the … Read more

Animals we’ve lost: the vivid ‘waving’ frog that vanished suddenly | Amphibians

Thet was a remarkably elaborate mating ritual. When a male Chiriquí harlequin frog found its mate, it would climb on to the female’s back, grab its armpits with its forelimbs and hug it. Females of the species were often twice as large as the males, and they would remain in this mating clasp for days … Read more