Australian Shepherd Pup Can’t Help Falling In Love With Orphaned Kittens

Nathan, a dog dad from Canada, originally created the Tik Tok account “Tales of Arlo” (@TalesOfArlo) to share videos of his Australian Shepherd puppy Arlo. While Arlo’s still the main focus, the account also features some of the kittens Nathan fosters. Several litters of foster kittens have come through this household at various times, but … Read more

After losing our family dogs, we could not bear more grief. Then Covid brought puppy love back into our lives | Maddie Thomas

Two years ago, when my family dog ​​died, it marked the end of an era. There were no scuttling feet and a sniff to greet me when I came home to visit and no companion for my parents to go on walks with. We have had a dog for as long as I can remember. … Read more

Family Insists On Giving Terminally Ill Stray A Final Day Of Love Before He Passes

When a precious senior beagle was brought into the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter in Mississippi, staff members immediately fell in love with his sweet face and gentle personality. The old pup, who was brought in by a Good Samaritan, was found wandering the streets of Mississippi all alone. Shortly following his arrival at the shelter, … Read more

She takes an age to walk now, but I love my old dog, smells and all | Chitra Ramaswamy

Our dog, Daphne, is now 11 and sports a magisterial gray muzzle. She can usually be seen trundling around the local park like a rickety cocktail trolley, but like most dog owners, I still think she could take best in show. Nevertheless, there remain those who cross the road or, worse, pick up their own … Read more

Abused And Neglected Dog Runs Away From Home To Find A Life Full Of Love

Meet Emerson. He had suffered from abuse and neglect for so long that he decided to do something about it one day and fled from home. The dog was transferred to a shelter, but he was still terrified. He could not stop trembling. Image / Story Source Credit: The Pet Collective Cares via YouTube Video … Read more

Mom Surprises Daughters By Secretly Rescuing The Dog They Fell In Love With

Rosie, a one-year-old Great Pyrenees / Golden Retriever mix, was brought to a Georgia shelter after her parents got divorced. The young mother could not afford to move with both her children and the dogs. When surrendered, Rosie was healthy and trained, but being at a kill shelter during the holidays meant a chance she … Read more

Accidental discovery that scallops love ‘disco’ lights leads to new fishing technique | Environment

An unusual technique for catching scallops that was stumbled upon accidentally by scientists could potentially reduce some of the damage caused to our seabeds by fishing. The marine scientist Dr Rob Enever and his team at Fishtek Marine, a fisheries consultancy based in Devon, designed small underwater “potlights” to help protect fish stocks by replacing … Read more