‘Amazing and loyal’ dog defends woman from mountain lion attack in California | California

A woman who was attacked by a mountain lion in northern California says her dog jumped to her defense and was badly wounded in protecting her. “I do not think I will ever be able to live up to how amazing and loyal she is to me,” Erin Wilson told the Sacramento Bee on Tuesday. … Read more

Loyal Labrador Saves The Life Of Missing Woman With Dementia

63-year-old Sherry Noppe suffers from early-onset dementia, and when someone with dementia wanders off, it can be scary. Sherry went missing after going for a walk at the 7,800-acre George Bush Park in Katy, Texas. None of her human family members were there to guide her when she wandered off the path, but her loyal … Read more

Loyal Pit Bull ‘Leapt’ Into Action To Save His Human From Venomous Snake

Haley McCormack was heading for the porch of her Davidson County, Tennessee home when suddenly her dog Arlo sprang into action to save her. A poisonous copperhead snake hiding in the corner by the stairs escaped Haley’s attention. Arlo leaped at the snake as it reared back to strike and grabbed it by the tail, … Read more

Loyal German Shepherd Helps Hiker Conquer Depression & Continue His Adventure

Harold Reynolds is an experienced hiker that fell into a dark place after completing a brutal hike. Post-hiking depression is common among avid hikers, but Reynolds found relief through the love of a dedicated pup. Harold Reynolds has never shied away from an adventure. He has always loved to spend time in the great outdoors, … Read more

Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Deceased Hiker’s Side For Two Weeks

29-year-old Oscar Alejandro Hernandez often explored challenging hiking trails, and sometimes his dog King accompanied him. After a tiresome hike, he always returned home to his family feeling fulfilled. But after one adventure, he did not come back. Hernandez and King were missing for about two weeks. Their family was devastated, but then some horrific … Read more