Charity in Magic Carpet vow amid funding crisis

A charity helping a group of Afghan veterinary professionals evacuated following the Taliban takeover says it may have to close its animal shelter to keep supporting them. One member of the group moved through the Operation Magic Carpet (OMC) initiative last year said he and his compatriots have been “forgotten” by the UK Government, despite … Read more

‘We have been forgotten’: Magic Carpet vets make new plea for UK Government action

An Afghan vet who was among dozens of people evacuated from the country following the Taliban takeover says he and his compatriots have been “forgotten” by the UK Government. Activists supporting the group that was moved to Pakistan under the high-profile Operation Magic Carpet initiative last year are facing another fund-raising deadline tomorrow (November 15). … Read more

Two “Magic Pills” To Extend Your Dog’s Life Are On The Way

Celine Halioua dreams of someday walking onto a Silicon Valley stage alongside a healthy 15-year-old Great Dane—almost twice the breed’s current lifespan. The young biotech entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of Loyal, a startup devoted to delaying aging in dogs and giving them more healthy years. It’s a beautiful dream that may soon become … Read more

Sector demands Government action to bring Magic Carpet evacuees to Britain

The Government is being urged to act now to enable a group of Afghan veterinary professionals evacuated from the war-torn country last year to come to Britain. Current funding support for the group moved to Pakistan under the Operation Magic Carpet campaign is expected to run out tomorrow (October 15). Officials fear they could then … Read more

Country diary: Let pine martens work their magic in the Peak District | Wildlife

One of the most depressing sights in the dales near Buxton is the landscape-scale devastation inflicted by ash dieback. Ash is the dominant tree in most of the woods, but such is the extent of the disease that the canopy has often collapsed. In its place are the dead tips to defoliated twigs and branches, … Read more

Barely-There Kitten Overcomes Odds & Finds Forever Thanks To Rescue Magic

At four weeks old, kittens typically weigh around thirteen to sixteen ounces and start getting curious about what awaits them outside the nest. But when Henry was a month old, he weighed only a quarter of what he should have and was so weak that he was barely moving. The runt of his litter, he … Read more

VN Happy Hour 4: Well-being – the magic of veterinary nursing

VN Happy Hour 4.0 saw vet nurse, writer, educator and leading blogger Jane Davidson feature in our main interview to discuss her perspective on physical and mental well-being, before joining our expert panel for a broader debate on some of the big issues in the veterinary nursing profession. RVN panellists Aoife Smith, Elle Payne, Jane … Read more

UK ‘does not deserve’ Afghan vet refugees – Magic Carpet

The UK could miss its opportunity to bring a group of “desperately needed” Afghan vets into the country due to Government inaction. A group of 78 refugees, comprising veterinary staff and their dependents, has been stuck in Islamabad awaiting a response from the British Government after being rescued from Afghanistan in an operation, led by … Read more