Man, 77, dies in Western Australia after being attacked by wild kangaroo being kept as a pet Animals

An elderly man has died from injuries after an apparent attack by his pet kangaroo in Western Australia’s south. Paramedics were called to the man’s property in Redmond near Albany on Sunday evening after the 77-year-old was found by a relative with serious injuries. Police were called to assist after the kangaroo prevented the ambulance … Read more

Man With Cerebral Palsy Can’t Eat Or Sleep Until Missing Dog Returns

A man named Bailey has cerebral palsy and is severely handicapped. So, he has an English Bulldog named Max, who acts as an emotional support dog for him. Max helps calm Bailey down and makes daily activities easier. When Max went missing, Bailey’s world was turned upside down. His dad, Sgt. Jonathan Gaither said Bailey … Read more

Ohio man who suffered 20,000 bee-stings expected to recover, family says | Ohio

An Ohio man who was stung at least 20,000 times by bees – and even ingested some of the insects – during a mishap while he was cutting tree branches is expected to recover, according to his family. Austin Bellamy, 20, climbed high into a lemon tree in Ripley, Ohio, last Friday to help trim … Read more

Man Breaks Into Texas Shelter And Releases Dogs, Resulting In Disaster

Around 150 dogs were residing at Animal Services in Abilene, Texas, prior to August 26th, 2022. In the early hours of that Friday morning, a man broke into the shelter and unlocked several of the kennels, causing chaos. The man climbed the fence surrounding the shelter and came in through the roof. He then released … Read more

Zoo Staff ‘Refused’ To Save Drowning Chimp, Suddenly Man Jumps Into Enclosure

For those standing near the chimpanzee exhibit, a typical day at the Detroit Zoo quickly descended into pandemonium. Spectators were enthralled as two chimps giggled and chased each other around the area, but then everything changed. Rick Swope was standing right in front of the enclosure and decided to step in and help instead of … Read more

Melt At This Video Of Man Introducing His Dog To A Neighborhood Cat

Yes, we all know that popular saying about cats and dogs: they’re both cute in different ways! No, I’m kidding. I know the saying is about cats and dogs inherently not getting along. But – have we ever considered that in many of these affirming cases, the dog and cat had not been properly introduced? … Read more

Man Tosses Dog Over Shelter’s Fence, Thinking It’s His Only Option

Staff members at the Clark County Animal Shelter in Kentucky came to the facility after hours to take care of a dog’s medical needs. When they got there, they found a new dog sitting inside their fenced-in area. The pup was a medium-sized Pit Bull who seemed healthy. The staff members double-checked their calls, emails, … Read more