Former Marine Travels Cross-Country On Horseback To Help Veterans And Shelter Dogs

If you see a man, horse, and dog going on an adventure across the United States, it’s likely Matt Perella and his two furry friends. Perella is a former US Marine who’s continuing to save lives in a unique way. His horse named Buck and his dog named Raffe are the perfect companions for his … Read more

Marine Awaits 3-Dogs He Rescued In Iraq, But The Dogs Looked ‘Dazed’ At The Airport

There is nothing that we love more than reunions with dogs. Especially soldiers who protect us and our country! And this is a story that will absolutely warm your heart, enjoy. Please watch all the way until the end and be sure to pass it onto a friend or family member! During his time in … Read more

Abandoned fishing gear is killing marine life and poisoning our oceans | Letters

One critical factor not mentioned in Emma Bryce’s excellent piece on wasted fish harvests (Millions of tonnes of dead animals: the growing scandal of fish waste, May 9) is the threat of abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear, also known as ghost gear. A single abandoned net is estimated to kill an average of 500,000 … Read more

‘Rats of the sea’: backlash after Cornish fishers call for seal cull | Marine life

Seals are the “rats of the sea” and should be culled, a group of Cornish fishers have said. Marine campaign groups hit back after fishers on an online marketplace and forum expressed anger about the amount of fish seals eat. Posting a statistic that “for every fish caught by our fisheries, seals eat 53 times … Read more