Europe’s most valuable marine species “reduced to a fraction” of their current population size by 2100 – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Over one quarter of Europe’s 20 most highly-fished marine species will be exposed to 2100 if it is caused by climate change, overfishing, and mercury pollution, according to a new UBC study. Credit: Daderot Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication. Over one quarter of Europe’s 20 most highly-fished marine species will be exposed … Read more

A ‘Pristine’ Reef of Rose-Shaped Corals Was Just Found Off The Coast of Tahiti

Scientists have discovered a vast reef of “true” rose-shaped corals that appear unharmed because of climate change in deep water off the coast of Tahiti, UNESCO announced Thursday. Mapping about three kilometers (two miles) long and up to 65 meters (213 feet) wide, UNESCO described it as “one of the largest healthy coral reefs ever … Read more

Increase in marine heat waves threatens coastal habitats – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Heat waves – like the one that swept the Pacific Northwest last June – also occur underwater. New study in Frontiers in Marine Science paints a worrying picture of recent and projected trends in marine heat waves within the nation’s largest estuary, with devastating implications for marine life and the coastal economy of Chesapeake Bay … Read more

Microbes in The Ocean Depths Can Make Oxygen Without Sun. This Discovery Could Be Huge

For most of life on Earth, oxygen is essential, and it usually requires sunlight to produce that oxygen. But in an exciting twist, researchers have caught an ordinary microbe living in the ocean breaking all the rules. Scientists have discovered that there is a microbe called Nitrosopumilus maritimus and many of its cousins, known as … Read more