‘Badasses of the mountains’: goats clash with sheep as key US glaciers melt | Climate crisis

In one corner, there is the agile climber with steak knife-like horns. In the other is America’s largest wild sheep. They are locked in significantly one-sided combat in the mountains of the US west, scientists have found, in a battle over resources uncovered by the region’s vanishing glaciers. In study sites across a 1,500-mile span … Read more

Melt At This Video Of Man Introducing His Dog To A Neighborhood Cat

Yes, we all know that popular saying about cats and dogs: they’re both cute in different ways! No, I’m kidding. I know the saying is about cats and dogs inherently not getting along. But – have we ever considered that in many of these affirming cases, the dog and cat had not been properly introduced? … Read more

Little Boy’s Love Letter To His Bernese Mountain Dog Will Make You Melt

Growing up with a family dog ​​is beneficial to a child in many ways. Dogs teach kids responsibility, but they also impart valuable lessons of unconditional love and support. Tilley, a Bernese Mountain Dog, is a huge part of her human brother Joey’s life. A recording shared by The Dodo reveals, in Joey’s own words, … Read more