MMI and VMG to train on mental health

An initiative to train veterinary leaders and managers on mental health in the workplace has been launched in a joint partnership. The RCVS ‘Mind Matters Initiative (MMI) and the VMG are partnering on the project to deliver training, either as a free, standalone module, or as a module for anyone taking the VMG’s accredited veterinary … Read more

Rescue Dogs Join Police Department And Respond To Mental Health Calls

You should know by now that Florida isn’t exactly on the same playing field as the rest of the world. Things in Florida tend to be a little bit… different. In true Florida style, there’s one police department in Florida that’s making people do a double-take. Their interactions with the infamous “Florida Man” are a … Read more

VN Times Podcast, Ep 28: Lacey Pitcher on mental health and well-being

Lacey Pitcher tells us all about her new role at the RCVS as part of the Mind Matters Initiative (MMI) team, how the role aligns with her core values ​​and allows her to continue working in practice as a RVN locum. Lacey shares how she balances these two roles, her thoughts on well-being within the … Read more

Mental Health Stigma is Stopping Veterinary Students From Seeking Help, Says New Study

Mental Health Stigma is Stopping Veterinary Students From Seeking Help, Says New Study A culture of perfectionism and a stigma against mental health is preventing veterinary students from seeking care, claims a new report from the University of Missouri. According to the research, despite increasing awareness around mental wellbeing, many students and qualified vets do … Read more

‘Nothing Is More Powerful Than Prioritizing Your Mental Health’ – Life As a Vet Student With Jess Cliffe

Life as a veterinary student comes with its own highs and lows. One person who has experienced them and is dedicated to spreading the word on what veterinary school entails, is veterinary student and Youtuber, Jess Cliffe. In this article, we interview Jess, find out what life as a veterinary student in New Zealand is … Read more