Microbes help hibernating animals recycle nutrients, maintain muscle through winter – BIOENGINEER.ORG

MADISON, Wis. — To go through a long winter without food, hibernating animals — such as lined ground squirrel 13 — can slow down their metabolism by as much as 99 percent, but they still need important nutrients like proteins to maintain muscle while they’re hibernating. A new study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows … Read more

Microbes in The Ocean Depths Can Make Oxygen Without Sun. This Discovery Could Be Huge

For most of life on Earth, oxygen is essential, and it usually requires sunlight to produce that oxygen. But in an exciting twist, researchers have caught an ordinary microbe living in the ocean breaking all the rules. Scientists have discovered that there is a microbe called Nitrosopumilus maritimus and many of its cousins, known as … Read more