Police Find Missing Husky And Confirm His Identity When He Sings His ‘Favorite Song’

It’s no surprise that Siberian Huskies are talkative, and we do not mean barking. Huskies are recognized for howling, and there are numerous videos on social media of huskies “talking. ” Because they were designed to pull sleds and dwell in groups, huskies have always been vocal since they had to communicate while working. Image … Read more

Senior Dog Found In Michigan Turns Out To Be Florida Pooch Missing For 7 Years

A 13-year-old Yorkie mix named Sgt. Pepper has been reunited with his rightful owner after seven years, multiple caretakers, and more than 1,000 miles. Pepper was six when he went missing from Laurie Davies’ Florida yard back in 2014. This past Monday, he was discovered wandering down a rainy street in Charlotte, Michigan. The soggy … Read more

Birdwatch: this spring, I mourn the missing house martins | Birds

As it shears through the spring skies, sweeping up tiny insects, the house martin’s contrasting dark-blue and white plumage reminds me of a miniature version of a killer whale. But not this year. Although I’ve caught up with virtually every other spring arrival – even the late-returning swallows and swifts – I’ve only seen a … Read more

‘Wolf-Dog’ Barks At Stranger And Didn’t Recognize His Military Dad He’s Been Missing

When his military father, Devin Ekstom, was away for basic training for ten weeks, 2-year-old Indus, a Husky / Malamute / Timber Wolf mix, hadn’t seen him in 10-weeks. Ekstom was able to come home for the holidays, but Indus had no idea that his human would be returning home to surprise him. Image / … Read more

Newly Graduated K9 Finds Missing Woman Singing “Amazing Grace” In The Woods

69-year-old Aletha Gee Walton was missing in Virginia for eight days. Her loved ones were especially concerned about her well-being because she has early stages of dementia. Police started searching for Walton on May 17th, 2022, after her family could not find her anywhere. Her neighbors had last seen her at her home two days … Read more