Lost Dog Reports Herself Missing At Local Police Station

For most dog parents, nothing is scarier than not knowing where their furry friends are. Even the best-behaved dogs can run off if they get spooked, and they could remain missing for a while. So, when Rosie the rescued Border Collie ran away after hearing fireworks, her family feared the worst. Luckily, Rosie is an … Read more

Pit Bull Missing For 8-Years Shows Up Malnourished But Full Of Love

Microchips have helped reunite many dogs and humans, but sadly, they’re not always checked right away. A Pit Bull named Harley went missing for eight years even though he had an up-to-date microchip. His family was devastated, but they never gave up hope that their loving dog would one day return. When someone finally found … Read more

Missing Woman’s Dog Helps Lead Investigators To Her Killer

24-year-old Lori Slesinski disappeared from her home in Auburn, Alabama, on Saturday, June 10, 2006. Her best friend, Lindsay Braun, knew something was wrong when she found Lori’s front door unlocked and her dog, Peanut, still in his crate. According to Braun, Lori would never go away and leave her beloved Peanut behind. “The door … Read more

Worried Dad Sees His Missing Dog Running Towards Him, But The Dog Is Not Alone

The Kriers live in Concordia, Kansas with their goofy and affectionate Black Labrador Bo. Normally an adventurous dog who often sneaks out for little neighborhood excursions, one day he went completely missing – leaving his family in a panic. Image (screenshot)/Story Video Source: Kyle Krier – YouTube Video In Kyle Krier’s frantic search for his … Read more

Man With Cerebral Palsy Can’t Eat Or Sleep Until Missing Dog Returns

A man named Bailey has cerebral palsy and is severely handicapped. So, he has an English Bulldog named Max, who acts as an emotional support dog for him. Max helps calm Bailey down and makes daily activities easier. When Max went missing, Bailey’s world was turned upside down. His dad, Sgt. Jonathan Gaither said Bailey … Read more

Brilliant Cat Journeys 40 Miles Over Two Months To Find Missing Family

When the Kutscher family made the forty-mile move from Bridgeport, West Virginia, to Morgantown, they were short one furry family member. And although the Kutschers returned again and again to their old house in search of their missing cat, Oliver was nowhere to be found. That’s because Oliver was already on his way to find … Read more

Missing Dog Clings To Life In Pitch-Black Cave Until Rescuers Find Her

A group of cave explorers in Missouri set out to maneuver their way through the incredible formations. They had to squeeze through tight spaces and climb on slippery rocks. The journey was difficult for experienced spelunkers, so they were shocked when they saw that a dog had gone on a similar adventure. However, the pup … Read more

Thousands of racing pigeons go missing in French storm | Belgium

Belgian pigeon fanciers are in uproar after thousands of their birds went missing when they were released into stormy weather in a competition that went wrong. The birds were let out in Narbonne in southern France at the start of a race back to their lofts in northern Europe, but they soon hit a summer … Read more

Earth: Muted review – bees go missing in China despatch from the eco-apocalypse file | Documentary films

This Swedish-produced documentary about China’s Hanyuan valley is nominally another dispatch from the eco-apocalypse file, so the final harmonious impression it leaves behind suggests it hasn’t done its job properly. Located in Sichuan province, the valley is a place where bees are on the verge of extinction, the consequences of which we see in the … Read more