Simulation model allows for safe operation – BIOENGINEER.ORG

[Vienna, January 26, 2022] A year ago, the whole world debated: is it irresponsible to send children to school during a pandemic, or do measures exist that can prevent corona clusters so efficiently that schools can remain open ( or reopen)? [Vienna, January 26, 2022] A year ago, the whole world debated: is it irresponsible … Read more

Bioengineers Have Modeled The Workings of The World’s Most Basic Synthetic Life Form

Life is complicated. Even the smallest cells contain an astonishing array of chemical reactions that allow them to thrive in a chaotic landscape. If we want to know where to draw the line between life and bubbles of old organic soup, it helps to eliminate the extras that aren’t essential to decipher the core components, … Read more

Scientists demonstrate utility of Bilateral Tumor Model for evaluating anti-cancer T-cell responses – BIOENGINEER.ORG

T cell receptors (TCRs), found on the surface of antigen-specific T-lymphocytes, are highly diverse proteins programmed to recognize foreign bodies or “antigens,” and alert T cells to their presence in our body. Immunological checkpoints generally keep lymphocytes in a “shutdown” state, so that they do not invade our own cells. However, if T cells encounter … Read more

Machine learning model uses blood tests to predict COVID-19 survival – BIOENGINEER.ORG

A single blood sample of a critically ill COVID-19 patient can be analyzed through a machine learning model that uses blood plasma proteins to predict survival, weeks before the result, according to a new study published this week in the open access journal PLOS Digital Health by Florian Kurth and Markus Ralser of the Charité … Read more

COVID-19 Vaccines Saved Over 240,000 American Lives in Just 6 Months, Study Finds

COVID-19 vaccines saved nearly 241,000 lives in the United States and prevented more than 1 million virus-related hospital admissions in the first six months of the country’s vaccination program, according to a new research model. Research letter, published Tuesday in the peer-reviewed medical journal JAMA network open, found that coronavirus vaccines also prevented more than … Read more