Family Wants To Replace Deaf Puppy But Mom Has A Plan To Save Him

Pre-school teacher Jo Le Page and her family welcomed a Spanish Water Dog puppy named Rafa this past June but soon realized there was something different about him. The fluffy white pup didn’t respond to loud noises, even the shrill sound of the smoke alarm. While the rest of the family wanted to return Rafa … Read more

Mom Awoke To New Dog Lookin’ Extra Comfy In Patio Chair Lounging By Pool

Amy Haden woke up early one morning and came downstairs after getting dressed. Her daughter ran over to Amy and claimed there was a dog outside their window. Amy made her way over and sure enough, a dog was lounging on the patio furniture by the pool — like he owned the joint. Well, this … Read more

Pup Sasses Mom For 3 Hrs When He’s Told No Then Gives Her Silent Treatment

An adorable French Bulldog, named Cashew, is one stubborn pup. When he’s hungry and Mom’s not cooperating, he’s a total handful. In this hilarious video, Cashew comes into the kitchen when Mom is doing the dishes. It’s a whopping 3 hours before supper time. But Cashew doesn’t care. He barks and barks. Mom can decode … Read more

Mom Sees Baby Sleeping ‘Blissfully’ But A Tiny Nose Pops Up From Under The Blanket

The most devoted and greatest friends are dogs, according to many youngsters. Children who live with dogs have better cognitive ability and exhibit greater social behavior, according to studies. Dogs are actually happier when they’re around children. Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video In this video, we see adorable glimpses of the … Read more

Mom Warned Dog To ‘Stay Away’ From The New Kitten, But The Dog Refuses To Listen

It’s always uplifting to see dogs defend their families. Many dogs go out of their way to ensure that their loved ones are never harmed. Dogs not only protect their human family members but also their animal siblings.   Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: DailyPicksandFlicks via YouTube Video   When a lady adopted a tiny … Read more

Mom Only Lets One Of Her Dogs Eat The Ice Cream, While The Other Dog Looks On

When a woman pulled up to the drive-up window of a popular snack venue with her two dogs, Daisy and Cooper, they knew exactly what was happening — doggie ice cream! The eyes of the dog’s glimmer as their mother delivers them their favorite ice cream cone, but what follows is absolutely hilarious. 😍 Image … Read more

Man Ripped Newborn Puppies From Their Mom & Abandoned Them On Roadside In Box

On a roadside near Mladenovac, Serbia, at seven in the morning, volunteers from the Dog Rescue Shelter discovered a cardboard box. They approached it and found 7 five-week-old puppies inside. They were desperate, lonely, and looking for their mother because they had been abandoned. Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia … Read more