Pet Health Plans – Will I Really Save Money?

We know that life is getting far too expensive lately, and we’re all doing everything we can to pinch those pennies. Pets are, unfortunately, expensive, and a large part of this is the cost of veterinary care. We’ve discussed why vets are expensive before, so let’s focus on pet health plans today; a scheme many vet practices offer to help save you money. But are they all they’re cracked up to be? What are the benefits? Will I really save money?

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Annual “Cat Extravaganza” Event Raises Money For Ukraine

This week, in the seaside village of Brighton, UK, the Loving Cats Worldwide group (more commonly known as the LCWW) put on their iconic and incredibly unique “Cat Extravaganza” event. This event attracted hundreds of Brighton locals to view what LCWW claimed to be the “most beautiful cats in the world.” “(The) LCWW Group is … Read more