Charity’s joy as vets rebuild Walter’s face after attack by mother

A midlands animal charity has thanked vets and its supporters for their efforts to save a five-week-old puppy that was attacked by its own mother. The dachshund, named Walter, was initially taken to local vets to be euthanised before the Wolverhampton-based group, Wings and Paws Rescue, stepped in. Extensive surgery Instead, he was sent to … Read more

Hero Cops Smash Window To Rescue Mother Dog And Her Puppy From Hot Car

Officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are being hailed as heroes after rescuing a mother dog and her puppy from the back seat of a hot car earlier this month. Although the car was parked in an enclosed parking garage, the temperature outside was nearly 96 degrees. A kind guard noticed the dogs … Read more

Sweet Cat Becomes Mother To Puppies After Losing All Her Own Kittens

In Melbourne, Australia, a loveable cat puts her motherly instincts to good use by co-parenting a litter of Cavalier King Charles / Poodle puppies. This breed of pups is fondly referred to as the Cavadoodle. The sweet-hearted gray Bengal kitty named Medina has taken on the challenges of puppy parenting following the devastating loss of … Read more