His Friend Was About To Fall Into The Pool, So He Grabs His Tail With His Mouth

Empathy is one of the most complex and enlightening features of human consciousness. While many individuals would think of empathy as a human quality, animals in the wild are plentiful with instances of creatures being incredibly considerate to each other! Image (Screenshot)/Story Source Credit: AFV via Facebook Video This delightful video shows random acts of … Read more

Afternoon Nap Leads To 3 Day Hospital Stay After Dog Defecates In Grandma’s Mouth

For many pet parents, there’s nothing more relaxing than lying down for a much-needed nap with our snuggly pups. But when Amanda’s furry bedmate developed a severe case of doggy diarrhea while she was in dreamland, the afternoon was anything but enjoyable. In fact, most of the following fiasco could have been avoided if only … Read more

Taronga and Melbourne zoos move to protect animals from foot-and-mouth disease | Foot and mouth disease

Taronga and Melbourne zoos have introduced measures to protect their animals from the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak that is threatening Australia. Although there have been no domestic cases reported yet, both zoos have implemented additional biosecurity restrictions as precautionary measures amid the outbreak in Indonesia. The Taronga Conservation Society Australia, which runs Taronga Zoo and the … Read more

Foot-and-mouth disease: Australian airports to step up precautions as farmers grow anxious | Foot and mouth

The federal government will install acidic disinfectant mats at airports as part of an expanded suite of biosecurity measures to prevent foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) entering Australia from Indonesia. The new precautions come as viral fragments of the disease were detected in food products arriving from China. Charged with a citric acid solution designed to dislodge … Read more

Foot and mouth disease could devastate Australia’s economy. Here’s what can be done Agriculture

Kirsten was screaming and emotional when she was arrested for breach of the peace, assault of two police officers and possessing an offensive weapon. She wasn’t a drug-addled miscreant. She was a 22-year-old railway worker who had come home to find her pet goat, Misty, slain outside the family cottage by government vets. This was … Read more

Officials rule out suspected foot and mouth case in Norfolk | Foot and mouth

Officials have ruled out a suspected case of foot and mouth disease in Norfolk. Movement restrictions and a temporary six-mile (10km) control zone for animals were enforced around a pig farm near Feltwell in west Norfolk, according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. But in a statement a Defra spokesman said: “Following … Read more

New foot and mouth outbreak in UK?

Breaking news in the evening of 23rd June 2022 was of a possible outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in Norfolk. This is a Notifiable Disease and so government vets are investigating Many of us still remember the massive outbreak in 2001 and the pyres of burning livestock as the government of the time tried to control the disease. Are we facing that again? Or is the outlook more hopeful?

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