Foot and mouth disease could devastate Australia’s economy. Here’s what can be done Agriculture

Kirsten was screaming and emotional when she was arrested for breach of the peace, assault of two police officers and possessing an offensive weapon. She wasn’t a drug-addled miscreant. She was a 22-year-old railway worker who had come home to find her pet goat, Misty, slain outside the family cottage by government vets. This was … Read more

Officials rule out suspected foot and mouth case in Norfolk | Foot and mouth

Officials have ruled out a suspected case of foot and mouth disease in Norfolk. Movement restrictions and a temporary six-mile (10km) control zone for animals were enforced around a pig farm near Feltwell in west Norfolk, according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. But in a statement a Defra spokesman said: “Following … Read more

New foot and mouth outbreak in UK?

Breaking news in the evening of 23rd June 2022 was of a possible outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in Norfolk. This is a Notifiable Disease and so government vets are investigating Many of us still remember the massive outbreak in 2001 and the pyres of burning livestock as the government of the time tried to control the disease. Are we facing that again? Or is the outlook more hopeful?

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Parents Thought Dog Was ‘Caring’ For Baby But See Baby’s Foot In Dog’s Mouth

Evo, the Alaskan Malamute, enjoys playing “babysitter” to his four-month-old human brother, Adam. He’s always been quite vigilant with regard to his little brother, and he looks forward to spending time watching and amusing him. During naptime, in the video below, we see Evo keeping an eye on Adam. Adam enjoys having his huge nanny … Read more

Foaming at the mouth: the superworms making a meal of polystyrene waste | Waste

Beetle larvae that can shred and eat polystyrene may provide alternative methods of breaking down and upcycling plastic waste, new research suggests. The larvae of Zophobas morioa species of beetle, are commonly known as superworms and contain several gut enzymes that are capable of digesting polystyrene, Australian scientists have found. Polystyrene is a widely used … Read more

Why does my cat’s mouth smell?

Cats rightly hold a reputation for being fastidious when it comes to personal grooming. It’s therefore only right that their owners should be concerned when they notice unpleasant smells from their cat’s mouth. The reasons this might happen range from straightforward problems such as a stinky new food or teething in young cats, through to more serious and even life-threatening diseases.

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Royal Dick dentists sort Minnie’s mouth

A young dog’s canine tooth has been successfully designed after being fitted with a unique bite plane. Minnie, a six-month-old Labrador retriever, was born with a genetic condition known as lingually displaced mandibular canine teeth. Wrong direction The condition caused one of Minnie’s bottom canine teeth to grow in the wrong direction, meaning the tooth … Read more