The Reef: Stalked review – water-phobic kayaker battles shark chomping | Movies

Ddirector Andrew Traucki’s sequel to his own 2010 feature The Reef features a whole new cast of Australian characters battling a hefty shark near the Great Barrier Reef, but it’s essentially the same idea. Only this time round, the almost entirely female cast features two sisters and two of their friends on a kayaking excursion … Read more

Shark Bait review – human chum bucket jeopardy thriller sinks without trace | Movies

“Tyler, no! You took a bang to the head! ” “That might be a problem if there was something inside of there!” So goes an almighty self-own when one of five spring-breakers trapped on a jetski in shark-infested waters decides to swim for help in this depressingly unimaginative thriller. The party posse-cum-human chum bucket in … Read more

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The award-winning documentary All That Breathes is a meditation on life in Delhi through the eyes and hands of two brothers that nurse injured birds back to health. After winning the world cinema grand jury prize at the Sundance film festival this year it is screening at Cannes, and in many ways it is easier … Read more

Luzzu review – beautifully observed study of fisher-folk trying to stay afloat | Movies

orwash in blues and yellows, the colors of the traditional Maltese fishing boat known as a luzzu, Alex Camilleri’s debut is nothing short of a future neorealist classic. Enveloped in the gentle rippling of the cerulean waves, the evocative soundscape conjures up a vision of seaside idyll. But for the hard-working fishermen, rough winds seem … Read more

‘It was a crazy thing to do’: Alex Camilleri on how he made ordinary fishers the stars of Luzzu | Movies

Cousins ​​Jesmark and David Scicluna, both fishers by trade, had never acted a day in their lives when Maltese-American film-maker Alex Camilleri spotted them in Għar Lapsi, a small inlet on the southern coast of Malta. Camilleri had flown to the Mediterranean island in search of fishers to star in his Maltese-language film Luzzu, but … Read more

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Then 2019, French travel writer Sylvain Tesson published The Art of Patience: Seeking the Snow Leopard in Tibet – an account of his travels with the equally renowned wildlife photographer Vincent Munier, searching for the near-legendary snow leopard, as well as foxes, bears and other marvelous animals in the stunningly stark and remote landscape. This … Read more