A yapping ‘moving carpet’: Queen’s corgis tested palace loyalties | The Queen

They were as emblematic of British royalty as the crown: Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis, preceding her like a “moving carpet” wherever she was resident, were the other royal dynasty to inspire worldwide fascination. They featured in portraits, official photographs and on a golden jubilee Isle of Man crown, and were even immortalized in China. Queen … Read more

Don’t stop moving for Vetlife fund-raiser

A veterinary sector support charity has warned its work is likely to be needed more than ever before ahead of a major fund-raising event. Professionals are being urged to get involved in the third Veterinary Month of Movement (VMOM) this October, in aid of Vetlife. The charity provides a helpline, plus health and financial support … Read more

The Velvet Queen: Snow Leopard review – a moving glimpse of nature’s private life | Documentary films

Clinging to the scree of a Tibetan peak, at an altitude of about 5,000 feet, the renowned nature photographer Vincent Munier schools writer Sylvain Tesson in the art of “the blind” in this stirring documentary. This entails hunkering down, waiting and hoping for a glimpse of the elusive snow leopard. For Tesson, the experience is … Read more