“Murder Mittens” Subreddit Celebrates The Adorable Ferocity Of Cat Paws

Oh, darling kitties, how we love you and your murder mittens, most terrifying and adorable! And we know you, feline fancier, love your sweet cat peets too. So, to honor the cuteness and power of the cat paw and the claws that come with it, we bring you the subreddit Murder Mittens. With Reddit having … Read more

Rescue Seeks Justice In Shelter Dog’s Violent Abduction & Murder

Horrific security footage went viral after someone broke into a dog rescue and aggressively pulled a dog out of her crate. The suspect left the building with the dog, despite the cries of all the dogs in the room. Not long after the break-in, the stolen dog was found in critical condition on the side … Read more

Duck finds missing remains in North Carolina murder investigation | Animals

A pet duck has helped authorities in the murder investigation of a missing woman in North Carolina. In 2020, Nellie Sullivan, in her early 90s, disappeared without a trace, prompting authorities to launch an investigation without avail. However, on April 14, a pet duck ran under a trailer in Candler, North Carolina. Its owners then … Read more