NASA’s Lucy asteroid spacecraft still has a wonky solar array as it flies through space

Three months after launch, NASA’s new asteroid spacecraft is still settling into its life beyond Earth. NASA’s Lucy’s mission launched Oct. 16 with a mission to explore the Trojan asteroids, which rotate the sun in front of and behind Jupiter. No spacecraft has ever visited the Trojan wood asteroids, which scientists believe to be “fossils” … Read more

NASA’s gamma-ray observatory is in safe mode after a possible wheel failure

Image from Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory. (Image credit: NASA) NASA’s Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory has temporarily discontinued its scientific observations while the mission team is investigating an issue. On Tuesday (January 18), the observatory, a gamma-ray hunting space telescope originally called the Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Explorer, went into safe mode and delayed all science work. … Read more

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Drilled Holes Into Mars, And Found Something Very Strange

As the base for all of Earth’s life, scientists are fascinated by the discovery of carbon on other planets – and the Curiosity Rover on Mars has found an unusual mix of the chemical element that may point ‘ n theoretical to the existence of alien life. That is far from certain, but it is … Read more

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope Illuminates Exoplanets

Planet XO-3b has an internal source of heat, possibly from tidal heat, caused by the crushing of the planet’s interior by the gravity of its parent star. This could be increased by the planet’s slightly elliptical orbit (shown right), which means it is more oval than round. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech The infrared observatory may … Read more

Huge Mars Dust Storm Sends NASA’s InSight Lander Into Safe Mode

This photo shows NASA’s Mars InSight landing on the surface of Mars. Credit: NASA The lander has taken energy saving measures; engineers aim to return to normal operations next week.NASAInSight’s gutter is stable and sends health data from March to Earth after reaching safe mode on Friday, Jan. 7, following a major, regional dust storm … Read more

NASA’s New IXPE Mission Opens Its Eyes and Is Ready for Discovery!

An artist’s representation of IXPE in Earth’s orbit. Credit: NASA NASAlatest X-ray eyes open and ready for discovery! After spending just over a month in space, the X-ray Imaging X-ray Polarimetry (IXPE) Examiner is working and already zeroing in on some of the hottest, most energetic objects in the universe. A joint effort between NASA … Read more