Dog Thrown Over Rescue’s Fence Suffered Years Of Abuse & Neglect

After only a few days, a Shih Tzu named Parker is unrecognizable. When rescuers found her, she was severely matted to the point where she was unclear what kind of dog she was. It looked like someone had neglected her for years and then tossed her over the fence of a local animal rescue. Veterinarians … Read more

“Ethan The Rescue Dog” Who Overcame Severe Neglect Nominated For Hero Award

Nothing inspires quite like the resilience of an abandoned dog. With support from the right people, they can move past physical and emotional trauma from abuse and neglect. Ethan, the rescue dog whose story of overcoming severe neglect and malnourishment inspired people (and animals) across the world, could become an “official hero.” The pup was … Read more

Woman Charged With Neglect After Police Find 44-Pound Emaciated Great Dane

Keeping a dog in a residence without access to sufficient nutrition is considered a form of abuse. Animal services and law enforcement take these cases very seriously because no dog deserves to suffer deliberately induced dehydration and hunger. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa recently found a Great Dane kept in a kennel in a … Read more