Man Breaks Down Neighbor’s Door To Rescue Dog From Burning Home

Some neighbors are kind enough to let you borrow their tools when you need them, but others are willing to risk their lives to save your dog. The latter is true dedication! A neighbor that kind of seems like something out of a fiction story, but Mike Richter recently proved that selfless people like that … Read more

Neighbors | My Shetland

I am still trying to work out this camera, I am still not sure about it and I will probably go on whining like this for a while trying to decide whether to sell or keep it. Anywho, off I went with said-camera and took a few snappity-snaps of the chaps. Klængur looking, well, orange! … Read more

Neighbors Spot A Starving Pit Bull Trapped On The Top Floor Of A Crumbling House

As if living life as a homeless pup isn’t hard enough, imagine finding a place that you thought was safe, only for it to start crumbling around you. For weeks, a sweet stray Pittie now named Lily was stuck high up in an abandoned house, all by herself. But brave rescuers refused to give up … Read more

Neighbors And Firefighters Rush To Rescue Veteran’s Service Dog Hit By Car

Keith Gilbert, an 81-year-old disabled veteran, was loading his dogs into his car when his new service dog Rivka, aka “Mouse,” got spooked and ran into the road. The German Shepherd was then struck by a car going about 40 mph in a residential zone. Seeing your dog get hit by a car is a … Read more

Defra suspends commercial pet imports from Ukraine and neighbors

Commercial importation of dogs, cats and ferrets from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Romania has been suspended for at least a month due to serious potential health risks. The decision has also been taken so APHA officials can prioritize the processing of pets accompanying refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. All four of the countries are … Read more