Stray Cat Mom Carries Her Newborn Kittens To Safety With Her New Human Friend

The internet has once again been taken by storm via – you guessed it: an adorable kitten video. The absolutely heartwarming video, posted on Reddit last week by user u / catnip4sale, has obtained over eighty thousand upvotes and over one thousand comments. Reddit users worldwide have fallen head-over-heels in love with a brave momma … Read more

‘New-Mom’ Introduced Newborn To Her Pet And Dog Showed Mom Her 1st Rookie Mistake

Dogs are known to have an uncanny ability to sense when a new baby has arrived. Recent studies show that dogs can smell when a newborn is related to their human pack leader. This may be because dogs preferentially form bonds with people in charge of looking after them. Dogs naturally form attachments to the … Read more

Kharkiv family races to get six newborn puppies out of Ukraine | Ukraine

A Ukrainian family in war-torn Kharkiv is racing against the clock to get six newborn puppies to safety as bombs continue to rain down on the city. The family, who have asked not to be named because of the growing danger in Ukraine’s second city, adopted a heavily pregnant dog they found wandering in the … Read more

Dog Cries As She Heard ‘Newborn’ Baby Crying For The First Time And Knew ‘What To Do’

For those who have brought home a newborn or child into their home with an existing 4-legged fur-baby, this story is so sweet. Meet Bella, the Boxer who met Malina, her new best friend. This is their story! Bella the Boxer dog has always been a favorite of her family. When Bella’s mother was expecting … Read more

Owner Was Set On Putting Newborn Puppy Down But Vet Tech ‘Wouldn’t Allow It’

When an animal is suffering and has no quality of life, it may be given a humane death. It’s also an option for Bronson, who was born by cesarean section with his siblings and sisters. Except Bronson, all of the others were well-nourished. Image / Story Source Credit: Imgur (AMAZING job!) The newborn had a … Read more