Atomic Armor for Next-Generation, Electron-Beam Accelerators

The image of the graphene layers on the photocatod shows areas of low quantum efficiency (in blue) where there is no electron transfer. The red and yellow areas show increasingly high quantum efficiency. Photoelectrons are emitted and transmitted through graphene in those areas while the material is generally protected from corrosive gases generated. Credit: Los … Read more

How Can Next-Generation Computer Chips Reduce Our Carbon Footprint?

A question-and-answer session with two scientists aiming to overcome limitations in computing power and energy efficiency by designing new microchips. Our laptops and smartphones are compact yet powerful because of silicon microelectronics, also known as microchips or chips, the small brain behind the digital brawn on almost every modern device. But such modern convenience comes … Read more

Molecular paddlewheels propel sodium ions through next-generation batteries – BIOENGINEER.ORG

DURHAM, NC – Materials scientists at Duke University have unveiled paddle wheel-like molecular dynamics that help push sodium ions through a class of fast-developing solid state batteries. The insights should guide researchers as they seek a new generation of sodium-ion batteries to replace lithium-ion technology in a wide range of applications such as data centers … Read more