NSW shark nets caught 325 non-target animals last season, report shows | New South Wales

The vast majority of animals caught in New South Wales shark nets last season were not target species and just over a fifth were threatened species, new government figures show. Of the 376 marine animals caught in the eight months to April, 325 were non-target species. They included 14 critically endangered gray nurse sharks, 19 … Read more

More than 15m bees destroyed in NSW to contain deadly varroa mite parasite Bees

More than 15 million bees have been euthanized across 31 infected premises in New South Wales as the fight to contain the varroa mite continues. Bees from 1,533 hives have been destroyed between the NSW central and mid-north coasts, as well as at Narrabri in the state’s north-west, the state’s agriculture minister, Dugald Saunders, said. … Read more

‘We knew straight away’: Lismore family reunited with lost cat Kimba 13 weeks after their house flooded | NSW and Queensland floods 2022

As Lismore flooded, Danyon Saxe-Wilson awoke to a pool around his mattress and the family’s very insistent white cat, Kimba, pawing at his face, urging him to get up and go. In the mad scramble out the window, onto a caravan floating by and then back onto his roof – before being rescued by a … Read more

‘Itchy, yucky, unpleasant’: wet weather brings leech invasion to NSW suburbs | New South Wales

Relentless rainfall has sparked a leech invasion in New South Wales, with no reprieve in sight for already damp dwellings. The blood-sucking creatures have been attracted into suburban areas, where higher than normal rainfall and humidity are providing suitable conditions to feed. Linda Campbell has been batting off leeches in her Winmalee home in the … Read more

High hopes for baby boom after release of 50 eastern quolls in NSW sanctuary | Endangered species

There are hopes 50 eastern quolls returned to the wilderness in NSW will spark a historic baby boom for the endangered creatures. It is the largest single release of the little predators on mainland by conservation organization Aussie Ark. The creatures are now roaming free within the confines of the 400 hectare protected Barrington Wildlife … Read more

NSW government criticized for ‘dismissive’ response to inquiry into kangaroo population | New South Wales

Just two of the 23 recommendations handed to the New South Wales government after an inquiry into kangaroo population levels and culling practices have been accepted in full. Inquiry chair and Greens MP Cate Faehrmann said the response was “dismissive of the serious issues raised” during the three-day inquiry called to understand the wellbeing of … Read more

Funnel web spider sightings on the rise in NSW homes amid wet weather | Wildlife

In the 30 years Tommy Horozakis has owned his pest control business, he struggles to recall another time like now. “I’ve been inundated by calls about rodents, spiders, cockroaches, mozzies. It’s crazy, “said Horozakis, who runs Sydney’s The Pest Control Company. “Everything is looking for shelter from the wet weather, and unfortunately our homes could … Read more