Bulldog Is Obsessed With Running Up And Knocking Over Every Trashcan He Sees

Charlie the Bulldog is a walking “menace” in this neighborhood, all thanks to his crazy obsession with trash cans! This chubby boy has some serious beef with trashcans, and he literally hunts and knocks down every single one of them during his daily walks. Over the years, he has earned himself various titles like “The … Read more

The Lassie complex: why are we so obsessed with dogs saving human lives? | Zoe Williams

When it comes to dogs, we like to project a saviour complex on to them. That is creatively well-documented of course – Lassie, anyone? But we also can not help ourselves when it comes to real-life tales of incredible dog bravery. Most recently, it was when a woman who was attacked by a cougar while … Read more