‘The ocean is everything’: Pacific state of Niue declares all of its waters protected | Conservation

The Pacific island state of Niue has announced that it will protect 100% of the ocean in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ), which spans 317,500 sq km (122,000 sq miles), roughly the area of ​​Vietnam. The water that surrounds one of the world largest raised coral atolls is the only place where the katuali is … Read more

European fishing fleets accused of illegally netting tuna in Indian Ocean | Fishing

European fishing fleets have been illegally netting tuna from dwindling stocks in the Indian Ocean, according to data presented to EU authorities and analyzed by expert groups. EU purse seine (a type of large net) fishing vessels were present in the waters of Indian Ocean coastal states, where they were likely to have carried out … Read more

Fish on drugs: cocktail of medications is ‘contaminating ocean food chain’ | fold

Nicknamed “gray ghosts” for their lustrous silver scales, remarkable stealth and speed, bonefish can swim at up to 40mph. This species, protected by catch-and-release laws in the US, is revered by anglers around the world, many of whom visit Florida to seek the elusive fish. But evidence points to a steep drop in bonefish numbers … Read more