Desensitisation booklet to offer long-term firework fears support

A desensitisation booklet has been launched to provide pet owners with long-term support and advice for dogs and cats with firework fears. Adaptil and Feliway, from Ceva, have provided Long-term Help For Pet Firework Fearsa 24-page booklet. It features information on aspects of desensitization, including the impact of loud noises on pets and the signs … Read more

Space mice may offer clues to why astronauts get kidney stones | Space

When astronauts travel into space they can expect some extraordinary new experiences. But they may also face a more mundane and potentially mission-ending one: kidney stones. According to Nasa, kidney stones have been reported more than 30 times by astronauts upon returning to earth. Now researchers are beginning to unpick why space travel is linked … Read more

PrettyLitter Can Offer Multi-Faceted Protection For You And Your Cat

When a cat comes into your life and chooses you as their own, you are often rewarded with cuteness, companionship, and sometimes even cuddles. Not only that, but cats are well known to help members of their household relax, and can offer many moments of comedic relief. But there’s one aspect of kitty companionship that … Read more