Hungry Stray Walks Up To Stranger’s Car, Man Makes The ‘Mistake’ Of Offering Food

As the saying goes, if you feed an animal even once, it will stick around forever. This stray dog ​​didn’t even wait to see the food before making himself right at home! The dog walked up to the stranger’s car and the man asked him “Do you want something to eat?” Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source … Read more

This National Dog Day, Krispy Kreme Is Offering Your Dog Something Awesome

Happy National Dog Day! We know it’s always dog day in your house, because you’re such an animal lover, but it’s officially being celebrated nationwide this Friday, August 26th. And just in time to celebrate the special occasion, Krispy Kreme is launching boxes of limited edition doggy doughnuts. They look so much like the real … Read more

Orthopedic Surgeon Forced To Stop Offering Free Surgery For Pets After Angry Outcry From Veterinary Community

A love for animals unites most pet lovers – but it can divide us just as much. Most of us agree on a few basic things: pets deserve to be happy, healthy, and loved – but how they should receive those things is often the subject of debate. Recently shared what appeared to be … Read more

Authorities Offering $ 25,000 After Dog Deliberately Shot With Arrow

When it comes to luck, no pup has more than a little Chihuahua named Tiffany Grace. It’s an absolute miracle that this sweet girl not only survived an intentional injury that barely missed her vital arteries, but now she’s living her best life with her new mama, who adores her. Facebook When a woman was … Read more