Applications now open for BVA committees

The BVA is inviting applications from veterinary professionals who want to help shape the future of the profession. Applications have opened for anyone wanting to join BVA council, or one of its panels and committees. The association is seeking members with a range of experience and professional expertise. Among the positions is a vacancy on … Read more

A Box Was Left At Shelter And The Smell Was Horrible But Yet They Had To Open It

On their doorstep, shelter employees discovered a strangely sealed box. They were shocked when they heard desperate pleas for help coming from within the box. As they tried to open the package, they immediately recognized the noxious putrid stench that emanated from within. Image / Story Source Credit: Tails of a Shelter Vet / YouTube … Read more

‘Boarded-Up’ Doghouse Was Found In The Road, So Police Pried-It Open

A man in southern Los Angeles noticed a doghouse nailed shut with a board over the entrance in the left lane of traffic 2-years ago. He immediately called the cops, who removed the board covering the doghouse’s doorway. They discovered an injured dog within, so they phoned the Ghetto Rescue FFoundation. Image / Story Source … Read more

New £ 1.4m vet practice set to open doors

Doors are set to open on a £ 1.4 million veterinary practice in repurposed office premises in Leeds. Beechwood Veterinary Group is finalizing the logistical operation to move some team members from two sites and final pieces of kit into the new site at Temple House, Seacroft, Leeds ahead of its opening on 23 May. … Read more

Woman Writes An Open & Emotional Letter To Whoever Abandoned The Dog She Rescued

Can you imagine what a dog feels like after they are abandoned by the people they consider as family? It must be very confusing for the poor dogs. It’s such a heartbreaking scene watching the abandoned dogs roaming around, probably still wondering why they were left there, and still waiting and hoping that maybe their … Read more

Pained Stray With ‘Torn Open’ Injury Wagged With Hope As They Approach

Animals from other nations, particularly those that are poor, flood their communities. Many pet owners can not afford to get their pets spayed or neutered, and the problem just grows worse. It was discovered that one dog named Sunny-day lived on the factory’s ground. It’s common for locals to feed the dogs and try to … Read more

Wooden Box Sat At Airport For Week, They Pry It Open And Unveil Something ‘Wicked’

An airport pickup box with numerous unfinished holes came without proper labeling. The workplace employees ignored the box and carried on with their tasks. Because it did not have the correct tags, it would be stowed among other items in the same condition. The container was roughly 16 inches tall and only said that it … Read more

Nominations Are Officially Open For The Fifth Annual Farm Dog of the Year

For centuries, farm dogs have been working alongside their masters, making incredible contributions to the overall success of their family farms. Not only do these diligent dogs offer protection and make a major impact in reducing the overall workload on the farm, but they are also excellent companions, and fantastic furry family members. Their incredible … Read more

£ 16m referral center to host open day for VNs

RVNs considering a career move are being invited to an open day at Southfields Veterinary Specialists in Laindon, Essex on Saturday 23 April. Linnaeus-owned Southfields will offer visitors the chance for a behind-the-scenes tour of its new £ 16 million, 40,000 sq ft hospital, which is set to open its doors this year. The event … Read more