Owner Brings Puppy To Be Euthanized For “Not Playing” But Rescuers Were Able To Intervene Quickly

Simba was discarded in Cape Town, South Africa because he didn’t like all the other “normal” dogs. For a long time, Simba had been sick and sad, according to Zenoonee. Simba wouldn’t be very energetic or joyful; this was why his former owners chose to abandon him. He was discovered by a rescue team and … Read more

Dog Found Guarding His Deceased Owner In The Snow Finds A Loving New Home

Last month, 69-year-old David Deshon was reported missing by his daughter Shona. Two days later, Placer County, CA sheriff’s deputies discovered his body in the snow. It is a heartbreaking end to a valiant rescue effort, but Deshon’s loved ones take comfort in knowing he was not alone in his final moments. Deshon’s beloved dogs, … Read more

Dog Owner Posts Message To Neighbor Who Thinks Pit Bulls Are “Vicious”

Pit Bull owners are used to facing unfair discrimination and negativity based on society’s misguided belief that their dogs are aggressive fighters. The breed in general battles the “mean dog” stereotype on a daily basis, but one dog owner took to Imgur to send a message about breed discrimination. Image Source: Imgur/FreeTimeResults Imgur user FreeTimeResults … Read more

Dog Sprints To Find Help After Owner Falls 70 Feet And Breaks Bones

Caution while walking alone is crucial, but sometimes, it’s difficult to find an injured person even if they have a way to call for help. Luckily, hiking with a loyal dog could end up saving your life. A 53-year-old man and his Border Collie named Saul were camping in the Tahoe National Forest in California. … Read more

sponsored Vet Times Extra: Jenny Helm on canine lungworm and owner education

In this episode, we speak to Jenny Helm on the subject of asymptomatic cases of lungworm in dogs, as well as findings from a study around the length of time Angiostrongylus vasorum can survive in the environment. Jenny Helm BVMS CertSAM Dip-ECVIM CA FHEA MRCVS Jenny graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of … Read more

Puppy Dumped By Owner In Middle Of Nowhere, Chases A Jogger And Begs To Be Rescued

A puppy was discovered hiding behind the bushes one morning on this popular walkway on the outskirts of the city by a runner who was out for a run. The dog had been abandoned by its owners and was hiding from him. Image / Story Source Credit: TDPets via YouTube Video The jogger went on … Read more

Cat Befriends Rat Owner Hoped She’d “Get Rid Of” In Viral Video

Every once in a while, an event occurs that is so different and unique from what is usually considered the “norm.” And for these events to be caught on video is an even greater rarity. For this reason, Reddit users are experiencing shock and awe over a viral video depicting something many would think impossible: … Read more

Canine Slaughterhouse Owner Finally Facing Sentencing After Killing Thousands

A canine slaughterhouse owner and operator in Indonesia is finally facing hefty fines and jail time. Last year, more than 50 terrified dogs were rescued from the horrifying conditions in his facility after they were smuggled from almost 400 miles away. Despite the award declaration that “dogs are not food” back in 2018, dog meat … Read more