Pets on paracetamol: animals at risk as owners struggle with own bills | Animal welfare

Vets fear people may be giving “dangerous doses” of paracetamol to their pets as fears grow that the cost of living crisis is impinging on animal owners’ ability to pay for medical help. The RSPCA recently discovered that Google searches for “can I give my dog ​​paracetamol” have almost tripled since January 2020, and that … Read more

Woman Found Puppy Abandoned In Airport Bathroom And Reads Owner’s Note About Boyfriend’s Abuse

When Chewy’s mother could no longer tolerate her ex-boyfriend abusing Chewy, she made the devastating decision of leaving him in an airport restroom with a note pinned to his collar. Image / Story Source Credit: Inside Edition via YouTube Video Chewy is a 3-month-old Miniature Chihuahua, whose mom was at the Las Vegas’ McCarran International … Read more

Pound dog blues: puppy has surgery after swallowing 20 coins from owner’s purse | Dogs

A 12-week-old puppy named Daisy has successfully had emergency surgery after doing what puppies do best: eating things they should not. In Daisy’s case, it involved swallowing 20 coins from its owner’s purse. Vet charity the PDSA said the owner of the Bichon Frise cross became concerned after she started vomiting and had stopped eating. … Read more

‘Breeding faster than we can rescue’: responsible UK ferret owners wanted | Pets

When Angela Taylor was called to assist with three pregnant ferrets abandoned in a crate in a stranger’s garden, one was already in labor. “Her kits did not survive,” says Taylor, who has run Chase Ferret Rescue in Derbyshire for more than 20 years, “but the other two had six babies, which is a lot … Read more

Tabby Cat Is Hilariously Suspicious Of Her Owner’s Husband

A gray tabby named Aurora has sparked a hilarious family feud that has cat-lovers all across TikTok concerned. On a channel dedicated to the many antics of the sassy feline, her human, Amy, has posted several videos depicting Aurora’s seemingly hostile attitude towards Amy’s husband. Though the research to support this theory is somewhat limited, … Read more