Pet Ownership Stable Despite Increase in Dog Ownership and More Stories

According to results from the 2022 AVMA Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook, the size of the US pet population has been stable despite the increase in dog ownership during the COVID-19 pandemic. The AVMA states that “The sourcebook shows the percentage of US households that own at least one dog increased from 38% to 45% … Read more

Address landlord concerns to retain pet ownership – SCAS

Understanding and addressing the concerns of landlords is key to allowing pet owners to keep their animals when they go into rented accommodation. This was one of the key points made at the Society of Companion Animal Studies (SCAS) annual conference last month (18 September), where speakers discussed a broad range of issues, including the … Read more

16th-century log of swan ownership goes up for auction | Heritage

Distinctive markings on the beaks of swans to denote their aristocratic ownership in the 16th century are logged in a rare Tudor manuscript to be auctioned this month. A book dating from 1566 contains images of more than 600 marks used in Norfolk and Suffolk, along with notes on the “laws and ordinances regarding swans”. … Read more

Check pet ownership before euthanasia, campaigners say

Tougher rules are needed to prevent animals from being euthanized unnecessarily in the UK despite updated guidance for vets, campaigners have warned. Nearly 13,000 people have signed an online petition demanding a review of the number of animals that are euthanized and “a solution to protect animals from being unnecessarily euthanized”. Proposals for new legislation … Read more

Two free webinars to help vet nurses take ownership of self-care and wellbeing – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Practice management software company, ezyVet, is hosting two free webinars which highlight the challenges of clinical life and explore how to take ownership of self-care and wellbeing with healthy habits. The first event, being held tomorrow (19th May) at 11:00 pm, will be presented live from Calgary by small animal ECC specialist, Dr. Marie Holowaychuk. … Read more

Dog ownership may have helped stave off depression during pandemic – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Purina Petcare has released the results of some research which suggests that the bond between dogs and their owners helped mitigate against some of the negative psychological impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. For the research, Purina questioned 1535 current and potential dog owners using validated scales assessing depression, anxiety, happiness, attitude and commitment toward … Read more