sponsored VN Times Podcast, Ep 33: Happy Hour 14 – Know your worth / are VNs paid enough?

After a bit of a break, regular hosts Rachael Buzzel and James Westgate hit the ground running with a Medivet sponsored episode titled “Know your worth – are VNs paid enough? How to gain confidence when talking about money”. Our lead interview featured BVNA council member Lyndsay Hughes, who spearheads a nursing network within XLVets … Read more

Tributes paid following death of much-loved veterinary dental specialist

Tributes have been paid following the death of one of the UK’s leading veterinary dental specialists. Lisa Milella was diagnosed with motor neurone disease eight years ago and after battling it with “extraordinary courage”, she sadly died on May 19. A past president of the British Veterinary Dental Association, Dr Milella was also a trustee … Read more

Man Bullied By Employer And Paid In Pennies Donates $ 1,000 To Rescue Dogs

We’ve all had horrible bosses at one point. They’re miserable and their unhappiness seems to soak into the hearts of all of their employees. You probably saw the news recently where a man’s boss thought he got the last laugh, but if you did not let me catch you up. Andreas Flaten worked for A … Read more

Dog On Deathbed ‘Gazes’ At 1st Person Who Paid Attention And Smiles Through His Pain

Finding food, water, and a safe place to sleep is always difficult for stray animals. They must navigate the complicated environment in which they live on their own. When a vehicle struck one dog looking for food, he was left alone suffering. Because he had no one to care for him, all he could do … Read more