Cancer Patient’s Health Improves After Visit From His Dog

Every dog ​​parent knows that quality time with your dog is the best medicine. Whether you’re sick, sad, or exhausted, petting and cuddling your pup can instantly lift your spirits. It’s not just the opinion of a bunch of dog lovers either, many doctors have even observed this themselves. This theory became especially clear when … Read more

Devoted Nurse Vows To Care For Dying Patient’s Dog, Adopts Him From Shelter

Kimberly Still has been a nurse for four years, and she loves helping people and forming connections with her patients. Yet, she never expected one patient to change her life so drastically. When Still was caring for a terminally ill woman at Northside Hospital Gwinnett in Georgia, the patient worried about what would happen to … Read more

Monkeypox patients advised to avoid contact with pets for three weeks | Infectious diseases

People with monkeypox have been told to avoid contact with their pets for three weeks amid concerns the animals could become infected and pass the virus on to other people. Monkeypox is caused by a viral infection and can be found in animals including rodents and monkeys, as well as in humans. It is typically … Read more

Peripheral IV catheter-related risks in small animal patients

Peripheral IV catheters (PIVCs) are placed in many, if not most, veterinary practices on a daily basis. Therefore, PIVC placement and management is likely to be one of the most frequently performed clinical procedures in veterinary medicine. Several studies and reviews describing PIVC complications in cats and dogs exist; however, large multicenter studies lack robust … Read more