Retired NHL Star Kevin Stevens Teams Up With Gorgeous Golden Retriever And An Experienced Medical Doctor To Help People Overcome Addiction

What will you get when you combine a hockey legend, a doctor, and a dog? Well, the makings of a new recovery program, of course. Through his non-profit, Kevin Stevens has been making a difference in the lives of people in recovery since 2018. But now that he’s combined the experience of an addiction doctor … Read more

‘Pets and people’ focus for SCAS conference

The challenge of keeping people and pets together will be the focus of the Society for Companion Animal Studies’ (SCAS) annual conference next month. The event, on Sunday September 18, is taking place virtually to make it easier for delegates from around the world to attend. The conference follows the publication earlier this year of … Read more

Dangerous dogs law ‘failing to protect people and animals’ – BVA head warns

The BVA has called for a “complete overhaul” of the law on dangerous dogs, which it claims does not properly protect either the public or the dogs themselves. The organization is part of a coalition with charities and welfare groups campaigning for the abolition of breed-specific elements within the current legislation. Although it set up … Read more

Once Unrecognizable Due To Severe Neglect, Moses Now Has People Lining Up To Adopt Him

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is the largest animal welfare charity in the UK. For nearly 200 years, this organization has dedicated itself to stomping out animal cruelty and rescuing those in need. This summer, the RSPCA launched the “Cancel Out Cruelty” movement: “Each year animal cruelty reaches its … Read more

Nepal’s tiger numbers recover but attacks on people cause alarm | Endangered species

Nepal’s tiger population has nearly tripled in 12 years, the country’s prime minister has announced. But concerns about the human cost of the big cat’s recovery are growing after a rise in fatal attacks. From a low of 121 in 2010, the Nepalese population of Bengal tigers has risen to 355, according to the latest … Read more

Monkey attacks injure 42 people in Japanese city | Japan

Local authorities in a Japanese city are to use tranquilizer guns to confront marauding monkeys that have injured 42 people in recent weeks. Japanese macaques are common across large parts of the country and are a pest in some areas, eating crops and sometimes entering homes. But a spate of monkey attacks in Yamaguchi in … Read more

Four bears killed at Alaska park reserved for homeless people Alaska

Alaska wildlife officials have killed four black bears in a campground recently reserved for people in Anchorage who are homeless after the city’s largest shelter was closed. Employees from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game on Tuesday killed a sow and her two cubs and another adult bear that was acting separately, stealing food … Read more

Cuddly Family Pup Is So Ginormous People Don’t Believe He’s Real

It is not surprising that the photos of an enormous dog and his two younger sisters have recently gone viral. The gentle giant towers over his family in the images, which have already amassed thousands of likes. For some, the photos are quite comical. To others, they’re completely unbelievable. Some people are even speculating whether … Read more

The reef fish people find ugly more likely to be endangered, study finds | fold

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but “ugly” fish deserve love too, according to a study. The reef fish people rate as most aesthetically pleasing are also the ones that seem to need the least conservation support, while the fish most likely to rank as “ugly” are the most endangered species, the research … Read more

Webinar to show practices how to handle difficult people – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Premier Vet Alliance is hosting ‘Managing Challenging People & Handling Difficult Conversations’ a free webinar which will give vet practice staff guidance and practical tips. The webinar, which takes place on Thursday 30th June at 7.30pm, is being presented by Debbie Boone, billed as one of America’s most prominent and experienced veterinary communications consultants. Gerrard … Read more