Pets on paracetamol: animals at risk as owners struggle with own bills | Animal welfare

Vets fear people may be giving “dangerous doses” of paracetamol to their pets as fears grow that the cost of living crisis is impinging on animal owners’ ability to pay for medical help. The RSPCA recently discovered that Google searches for “can I give my dog ​​paracetamol” have almost tripled since January 2020, and that … Read more

US Drone Pilot Uses Infrared Camera To Save Trapped Ukraine Pets

Doug Thron travels around the world to save abandoned pets during natural disasters. Amid events like hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires, he uses his drone to locate life in destroyed buildings. He recently moved his rescue work to Kyiv, Ukraine, to save all the innocent pets that are trapped in the rubble. The infrared camera on … Read more

Pets may suffer as the country goes to the dogs – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Research carried out by YouGov on behalf of the Dogs Trust, has shown that as the cost of living crisis develops, 68% of dog owners in the UK feel worried, to some extent, about how they will care for their dog in the next year , with 30% either ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ worried. 35% think … Read more

‘Breeding faster than we can rescue’: responsible UK ferret owners wanted | Pets

When Angela Taylor was called to assist with three pregnant ferrets abandoned in a crate in a stranger’s garden, one was already in labor. “Her kits did not survive,” says Taylor, who has run Chase Ferret Rescue in Derbyshire for more than 20 years, “but the other two had six babies, which is a lot … Read more

What is “heroic treatment” for pets and is it worth it?

Much of what we do in veterinary practice involves ethics. When we consider whether something is ethical or not, we are primarily looking at what is in the best interests of the animal; this can sometimes have gray areas. Is it better for an animal to undergo painful, lengthy surgery in order to live longer? Or is it better to end suffering now and recommend euthanasia? What are the owner’s wishes and what are their finances like? Can the animal’s temperament withstand lots of invasive treatment?

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Emotional support pets: experts warn of animal welfare risk | Animal welfare

Taking a pet everywhere for emotional support, from aeroplanes to the daily shop, may be all the rage, but experts have warned animal welfare is at risk of being overlooked. The use of emotional support animals has boomed in recent years, with myriad cases hitting the headlines, from the peacock that was denied a seat … Read more

Popular Dog Sitting Website Linked To Disappearances, Deaths Of Pets

While going away as a pet parent, the first thing people research is how to find a reputable pet sitter. This search leads many to the pet sitting website Rover. But as of recent years, handfuls of pet parents are experiencing their worst nightmare while using the service. Their pets have gone missing, or even … Read more

Monkeypox patients advised to avoid contact with pets for three weeks | Infectious diseases

People with monkeypox have been told to avoid contact with their pets for three weeks amid concerns the animals could become infected and pass the virus on to other people. Monkeypox is caused by a viral infection and can be found in animals including rodents and monkeys, as well as in humans. It is typically … Read more

Pets at Home announces partnership with sustainable pet accessory brand

Pets at Home Group has announced a strategic investment in Project Blu, a leading eco-conscious supplier of branded pet accessories. The investment is said to support Pets at Home’s ambition to become the most sustainable pet care business in the world, and includes a commercial partnership agreement on the design and manufacture of sustainable pet … Read more