Ewing Police Detective Rescues Petrified Pup Trapped In A Blazing House Fire

Every once in a while, a hero comes along whose bravery and selflessness are simply unmatched. And when that hero involves themselves in the welfare of animals, an entire society of pet-lovers worldwide gathers to rally. One such hero is Detective Julia Caldwell of the Ewing, NJ, police department. Caldwell made headlines earlier this month … Read more

Family Finally Receives $ 150,000 Settlement After Service Dogs Were Shot By Police

Animal lovers across the nation were outraged when the surveillance video of two dogs being shot by a police officer in Minneapolis made its way across the internet back in 2017. But now, the city has finally approved a settlement to the family who filed a lawsuit. Officer Michael Mays was responding to a burglary … Read more

Police Find Missing Husky And Confirm His Identity When He Sings His ‘Favorite Song’

It’s no surprise that Siberian Huskies are talkative, and we do not mean barking. Huskies are recognized for howling, and there are numerous videos on social media of huskies “talking. ” Because they were designed to pull sleds and dwell in groups, huskies have always been vocal since they had to communicate while working. Image … Read more

Animal hospital raises funds for retired police dog charity

Eastcott Veterinary Referrals has donated £ 1,000 to the WAGS retired police dog charity, an independent foundation set up to help retired police dogs from Wiltshire, Avon and Somerset, and Gloucestershire police forces. WAGS provides assistance in emergency situations and to offer financial assistance where a large vets bill may mean a decision is made … Read more

Three trucks, nine lions, police with guns: how the Odesa big cat rescue unfolded | Ukraine

The lion rescuers met at midnight in the carpark of a hotel in the Romanian city of Suceava, 50km from the Ukraine border. “It sounds very ominous,” says Lionel de Lange, a South African wildlife park owner who led the operation. “But it was really the first time the 13 of us had ever met … Read more

Police Expose Abusive Puppy Mill With Dozens Of Traumatized Dogs

A Michigan woman is facing the consequences of traumatizing dozens of dogs and puppies in a cruel breeding operation. In running a backyard puppy mill in deplorable conditions, she abused hundreds of animals that deserved so much more. Local troopers in Michigan made a shocking discovery when responding to a call about an abandoned horse. … Read more

‘Boarded-Up’ Doghouse Was Found In The Road, So Police Pried-It Open

A man in southern Los Angeles noticed a doghouse nailed shut with a board over the entrance in the left lane of traffic 2-years ago. He immediately called the cops, who removed the board covering the doghouse’s doorway. They discovered an injured dog within, so they phoned the Ghetto Rescue FFoundation. Image / Story Source … Read more

K9’s Outrageous Disregard For Police Property Leads To “Arrest”

From: Mark Brantl, Lieutenant Patrol Date: February 28th, 2019 Subject: Letter of Counseling damage to pawtrol vehicle I was advised on February 27th, 2019 by your handler, Sergeant Frank Bowne, of damage that was caused to the weather stripping on the rear door of his patrol vehicle. It is my understanding that just after midnight … Read more

Under a nest: protected gulls roost on roof of Dorset police car | Wildlife

You may think they have plenty of conventional spots – cliffs, islands, seaside rooftops, chimney pots – to nest on. But a pair of herring gulls have opted to construct their nest on the roof of a Dorset police car, taking it out of action because they are a protected species and cannot be disturbed. … Read more