Poodle Met New Doc That ‘Cradled Her’ As She’s Swept Up By Both Fear And Relief

We make a promise of care and commitment to their existence when we bring an animal into our home, and they become a member of the family. Please meet Manuka Honey, who has a beautiful tale to tell! Unfortunately, Manuka was struck by a car and her front leg became severely injured. Her mother and … Read more

Increased dental disease risk for poodle crosses – census

Poodle crosses could be at increased risk of dental disease, according to preliminary survey results. Digital services company VisioCare launched the Puppy Tooth Census at the end of March to generate data and insights on dental conditions affecting puppies. The early data shows poodle crosses accounting for 25% of all responses, in line with anecdotal … Read more

New research suggests poodle crosses are greater risk of dental disease – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Veterinary digital services company, VisioCare, has released the preliminary results of some research which appears to show that poodle cross puppies are at greater risk of dental problems The company says that of the 249 responses to its Puppy Tooth Census received so far (of which 40% were from vets, 21% vet nurses, 2% other … Read more

A Senior Poodle Named Petal Is Clinging To Life After Horrific Abuse

A team of dedicated animal rescuers is working around the clock to care for a senior poodle that was a victim of unimaginable abuse. After being found in a desperate state by a good Samaritan, Petal is now at a local animal hospital, fighting for her life. The good Samaritan was driving down the road … Read more