Initiative for human community can also protect lion population

With a keen interest in big cat conservation, the author started working last year with Christine Macsween and Pieter Kat, co-directors of LionAid, to help raise awareness of the plight of lions. With an estimated 10,000 lions left in the wild, much change in conservation approaches is needed to ensure a future for them. Lions … Read more

‘Population explosion’: octopus boom prompts joy and concern in Cornwall | Cornwall

When Chris Chesterfield goes to pull up his pots, he usually expects cuttlefish or spider crabs. But lately the Cornish fisherman has been finding himself ambushed – and outnumbered. “You’ve only got one or two arms pulling them up,” he says, “and they’ve got eight pulling you down.” Unprecedented numbers of octopuses have been reported … Read more

How a severe drought in Africa caused whitethroat population to drop | Birds

More than 50 years ago, in the spring of 1969, Britain’s birders noticed that something was amiss. Whitethroats – which until then had been one of the commonest migrant visitors to the country – were missing from their usual hedgerow haunts. The reason for their absence turned out to be a severely drought. This took … Read more

Queensland announces more than $ 24m for koala population and habitat protection | Queensland

The Queensland government will inject more than $ 24m into protecting koala populations and habitats in the state’s south-east as part of a threatened species funding package. The almost $ 40m funding announcement coincided with World Environment Day on Sunday. Queensland’s environment minister, Meaghan Scanlon, said the state had “good conservation success stories” such as … Read more

NSW government criticized for ‘dismissive’ response to inquiry into kangaroo population | New South Wales

Just two of the 23 recommendations handed to the New South Wales government after an inquiry into kangaroo population levels and culling practices have been accepted in full. Inquiry chair and Greens MP Cate Faehrmann said the response was “dismissive of the serious issues raised” during the three-day inquiry called to understand the wellbeing of … Read more

Brown bear population in Pyrenees highest for a century, says study | Conservation

A scheme to reintroduce brown bears to the Pyrenees is showing signs of success, with 70 individuals identified in 2021, the highest number for a century. The population has increased from 52 in 2018, according to figures produced by the cross-border group that monitors the bears in France and Spain, with half the creatures living … Read more