Sharks, songbirds and species depleted by pet trade given extra protection | Wildlife

An international wildlife conference has moved to enact some of the most significant protection for sharks, songbirds and scores of turtles, lizards and frogs. The meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Cites) ended on Friday in Panama. Along with protections for more than 500 species, delegates … Read more

BVNA launches survey to support bid for veterinary nurse title protection

The BVNA has launched a survey today (September 26) to gather information to support its campaign for statutory protection of the title “veterinary nurse”. The data collected will provide an overview of how those within the veterinary professions feel about the issue and how it might affect them, their patients and the public – who … Read more

Welsh vets deliver vital rabies protection to the Malawi community

A Welsh practice team has taken its skills to one of the world’s poorest countries to help reduce the spread of rabies there. Staff from the Mochdre Veterinary Practice in Conwy vaccinated hundreds of animals against the disease in just three days at the Illovo Sugar estate in Malawi. The work was carried out in … Read more

Cats Protection faces the ‘worst situation in memory’ because of the cost of living crisis

The number of cats needing new homes in the UK has reached a historic high because of the cost of living crisis, a leading charity has warned. Cats Protection officials said felines are also spending longer in their care and have made a fresh plea for anyone who can take on a new cat to … Read more

sponsored Introducing Felpreva® – a breakthrough in parasite protection for cats

Parasite protection for cats can be confusing for pets AND owners – knowing which products to use when, and in what combination. Felpreva® is a breakthrough, all-in-one treatment option that helps to simplify parasite protection for cats: Treats and protects against fleas and ticks for 13 weeks – the longest duration of action compared to … Read more

Cats Protection hosts MSPs to discuss cat welfare priorities

Cats Protection joined 25 MSPs to discuss the charity’s efforts to improve feline welfare and campaign for cats across Scotland. The parliamentary reception at Holyrood was sponsored by Mark Ruskell MSP, and was arranged to highlight ways politicians can help support Scotland’s 685,000 pet cats and their owners. Among items discussed were Cats Protection’s campaign … Read more

Queensland announces more than $ 24m for koala population and habitat protection | Queensland

The Queensland government will inject more than $ 24m into protecting koala populations and habitats in the state’s south-east as part of a threatened species funding package. The almost $ 40m funding announcement coincided with World Environment Day on Sunday. Queensland’s environment minister, Meaghan Scanlon, said the state had “good conservation success stories” such as … Read more

sponsored Discover a breakthrough in parasite protection for cats

Enter Felpreva® – a groundbreaking product that offers an all-in-one solution to feline parasite control: 3 MONTHS ‘flea and tick protection PLUS treatment against roundworm, tapeworm and ear mites ALL in a SINGLE spot on   To learn more visit, or speak to your Vetoquinol territory manager.   Felpreva® contains tigolaner, emodepside and praziquantel … Read more

Ocular protection and helping blind pets adapt to life

For many people, the news their pet is going, or has gone, blind can be devastating, especially when the condition is incurable. No matter the cause, the main concern for the owner and diagnosing vet is likely to be maintaining or maximizing the patient’s quality of life. Blinding conditions Generalized progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is … Read more

Modified live vaccination usage for feline panleukopenia virus protection

Feline panleukopenia virus (FPV) is a common, highly infectious pathogen associated with a high mortality rate. Modified live vaccination is highly protective against this condition. However, vaccination can lead to shedding of the modified virus in the faeces. Jacobsen et al1 collected faeces from 37 shelter cats that were considered to be clinically free from … Read more