Protective Dog “Saves” Little Girl From Drowning After Wave Pulls Her Under

Some dogs are natural-born heroes, and a big, fluffy pooch named Matyas is definitely one of them! This very good boy was playing with his dad’s granddaughter by the seashore in Gouville-sur-Mer, France, when a wave crashed over her. The little girl was sitting in the shallows, happily splashing among the breakers, and did not … Read more

Protective Pup Stays By The Side Of Lost Boy Until Authorities Arrive

It was during a warm Saturday afternoon in Texas that five-year-old Jose and his mother, Jasmine, laid down for a midday nap. What’s better than an afternoon nap on a hot day? But when she woke-up a short time later, Jasmine was almost instantly aware that something was not right. Not long after she woke-up, … Read more