Meet One Speed ​​Terri, The Cat Who Moseyed Into One Pub & Stayed Forever

One downtown hangout in Bay County, Florida, is drawing in some extra customers thanks to their newest employee—a handsome tabby cat named One Speed ​​Terri. Not long ago, Terri casually wandered into Mosey’s Downtown, following some patrons as they entered the pub. The friendly cat liked the vibe so much that he decided to join … Read more

Why the long face? How a pony called Patrick was elected mayor of a Devon town – then barred from his local pub | Devon

Name: Patrick the pony mayor of Cockington. Age: Four. Status: Barred. This is going to require a little unpacking. Really? You haven’t been following the story of Patrick the pony mayor of Cockington and his run-in with the local pub? The can’t say that I have. OK, we’ll start at the beginning. Do you know … Read more