The cat’s miaow or purr-fect nonsense: can an app translate for your feline friend? | Claire Cohen

There are frenzied episodes of growling. Chirps, seemingly in greeting. Purrs of apparent relaxation. And the miaows – for food, affection, to be let out of the window and then back in again. Then out again. Then back in again. If you live with a feline, these noises will be the soundtrack to your life, … Read more

Opera Cat Steals The Show In Viral Video That Proves He’s A Purrfect Diva

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PA Rescue Pairs Senior Cats With Senior Citizens For Purrfect Friendships

Senior cats often go overlooked in rescues and shelters, but one rescue group in the Lehigh Valley of Philadelphia has made sure senior cats are finding happy homes with those who understand them best—senior citizens. The Feline Urban Rehab and Rescue, or FURR for short, aims to improve the lives of all cats. And through … Read more

Tiny Kitten Without Eyes Finds The Purrfect Forever Home

The Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) has long been known as one of the world’s most prominent, dedicated, and passionate animal rescue organizations. And with more than 800 paid employees and over 9,000 volunteers, the BFAS has saved thousands of lives. Their ultimate goal is to make every shelter in every community no-kill by the … Read more