Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis Are Heartbroken After Her Death

According to Dr. Roger Mugford, an animal psychologist who worked with Queen Elizabeth’s dogs, the remaining canines are aware of the Queen’s death. Queen Elizabeth II stopped breeding Corgis years ago because she didn’t want them to outlive her. But as time went on, she realized she needed furry friends by her side. So, when … Read more

RCVS publishes Book of Remembrance for VNs to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

The RCVS has opened an online Book of Remembrance following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, to allow all members of the veterinary professions to pay their respects. The online book invites veterinary nurses to leave written messages of condolence, and pictures. The book will be available until Monday October 3rd. Dr Melissa Donald MRCVS, … Read more

RCVS launches book of remembrance for Queen Elizabeth II

The RCVS has opened an online book of remembrance following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday. Officials said details have been shared with all vets and VNs, and the book will remain open until October 3, two weeks after next Monday’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey. ‘Greatly saddened’ RCVS president Melissa Donald, who … Read more

A yapping ‘moving carpet’: Queen’s corgis tested palace loyalties | The Queen

They were as emblematic of British royalty as the crown: Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis, preceding her like a “moving carpet” wherever she was resident, were the other royal dynasty to inspire worldwide fascination. They featured in portraits, official photographs and on a golden jubilee Isle of Man crown, and were even immortalized in China. Queen … Read more

Profession pays tribute following the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Veterinary sector organizations have paid tribute to Her Majesty The Queen, who died at Balmoral today, aged 96. In a statement on its website, the RCVS said: “Like the whole of the UK, the president, councils and staff of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons are devastated to learn of the death of Queen Elizabeth … Read more

Dairy Queen Has A Secret Frosty Menu Item Your Pup Will Love!

Riding through the drive-thru with you can be frustrating for your furry friend. They have to watch you order and snack on savory fast food while they get nothing for themselves. That’s why many dog ​​parents order their pooches a puppuccino when picking up Starbucks. But the famous coffee chain isn’t the only business with … Read more

Queen of Sheep | My Shetland

The Queen of Sheep, aka Flossie, is leaving tomorrow. There is one who will miss her very much. And possibly others too. Luckily for Lambie I am staying home, apart from dropping Floss off at the airport tomorrow afternoon. I might even go and look for puffins afterwards. We’ll see. Anyway, I know I will … Read more

Drama Queen Pit Bull ‘Faints’ In Slow Motion To Avoid Getting Nails Clipped

Grooming appointments with your pet may be a delightful experience or somewhat of a living nightmare. Some pets welcome having their coats washed, combed, and cleaned up, while others do everything they can to avoid these events. Image / Story Source Credit: RM Videos via YouTube In this video, a pit bull is shown to … Read more

The Velvet Queen: Snow Leopard review – a moving glimpse of nature’s private life | Documentary films

Clinging to the scree of a Tibetan peak, at an altitude of about 5,000 feet, the renowned nature photographer Vincent Munier schools writer Sylvain Tesson in the art of “the blind” in this stirring documentary. This entails hunkering down, waiting and hoping for a glimpse of the elusive snow leopard. For Tesson, the experience is … Read more