Pause rabbit sales over abandonment ‘crisis’, RWAF urges

The UK’s leading rabbit welfare charity is calling for an immediate pause on the sale of new rabbits following an unprecedented rise in the number being abandoned. Rescue centers and charities are all reporting a surge of abandoned and mistreated rabbits, and the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF) believes the scale of the problem … Read more

Can a rabbit live with guinea pigs?

The simple answer is “no”. Both rabbits and guinea pigs are sociable creatures who absolutely require companionship, but they are very different species and as such have different needs. Having said that, if you already have a rabbit and guinea pig living together and there aren’t any problems, then definitely don’t separate them – this could create more problems than it solves. However, if you are thinking of getting guinea pigs and/or rabbits as pets, then definitely stick to one species or the other.

Read on to find out why rabbits and guinea pigs do not make ideal companions.

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Why does my rabbit grunt?

We don’t always think of rabbits as being very verbally communicative, but these fluffy friends can actually produce a wide range of sounds. Listening carefully to your bunny can help interpret their needs and wants, leading to a happy pet and a closer pet-owner relationship.

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Vets need to be aware of rabbit GDV danger

Vets have been warned to be on the lookout for delayed or misdiagnosed acute surgical abdominal conditions in rabbits, including gastric dilation and volvulus (GDV). VetCT and Exotic Vet Support have joined forces to issue the warnings, and encourage the use of CT for rapid diagnosis to direct early, targeted surgical intervention and improve outcomes. … Read more

Why Does My Rabbit Bite Me?

When you picture a rabbit, you probably imagine big ears, a furry little tail and, of course, buck teeth. Perfectly designed to snip off foliage in the wild, some of you may have discovered those sharp incisors can also hurt if your bunny has ever nipped you! If this is you, you may wonder why your rabbit bites you? Read on to find out.

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Why is my rabbit always hungry – does he have worms?

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Rabbits are the third most common household pet after cats and dogs in the UK, and continue to be increasingly popular. It’s very important to be aware of all aspects of your rabbit’s care. A good diet is particularly important – one thing you may have noticed is that your rabbit is always looking for something to munch on – if it were a person, you might joke they have worms! Could this in fact be true for rabbits?

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Animals farmed: China’s pork inflation, rabbit farm closes and UK mega-farms | Farming

News from around the world or Dutch city will become the first in the world to ban meat adverts from public spaces in an effort to reduce consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Haarlem will enact the prohibition from 2024 after meat was added to a list of products deemed to contribute to the climate crisis. … Read more