Bringing back native predators could tackle invasive species – study

Restoring native predator populations such as the wolf or lynx in parts of the world could keep problematic invasive species in check, according to a new study. Invasive species have been one of the main causes of extinction of some vertebrates in the past 100 years, with an estimated cost of US $ 162 billion … Read more

Mission Rabies delivers life-saving lessons to five million children

Mission Rabies is celebrating educating five million children worldwide since the charity was founded in 2013. The milestone is a result of the charity’s work delivering rabies prevention lessons to children in schools and local community groups in rabies hotspots. Mission Rabies was delivering a prevention program to control an outbreak of rabies and save … Read more

Vet housing Ukrainian family slams quarantine setbacks

A vet left stranded in France for three days with a Ukrainian refugee family and their dog has called on APHA to make urgent changes to its system for importing pets from the war-torn country. Following Russia brutal invasion of Ukraine in February, thousands of British families have signed up to the Homes for Ukraine … Read more

CVO offers vet advice to reduce rabies risk from non-compliant Ukrainian pets

UK CVO Christine Middlemiss has asked vets to report suspected illegal pet landings from Ukraine to help maintain the country 100-year rabies-free status. In a letter to the profession via RCVS Kate Richards, Dr Middlemiss advised on how to contact APHA if a rabies non-compliant Ukrainian pet is presented in practice. She stressed the primary … Read more

Vets welcome temporary suspension of commercial pet imports

Vets are hoping animal health officials will learn lessons during a temporary ban on pet imports from four European countries to help tackle the illegal animal supply chain. Defra announced it had suspended the commercial importation of cats, dogs and ferrets from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Romania until 14 May because of potential risks to … Read more

Vet sector bodies share World Animal Vaccination Day messages

The importance of vaccines in the health and welfare of animals, as well as the development of new technologies to protect them further, was highlighted for 2022’s World Animal Vaccination Day. NOAH, the trade body representing most of the UK’s animal health firms, the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe and AnimalhealthEurope, which represents manufacturers and … Read more

Defra suspends commercial pet imports from Ukraine and neighbors

Commercial importation of dogs, cats and ferrets from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Romania has been suspended for at least a month due to serious potential health risks. The decision has also been taken so APHA officials can prioritize the processing of pets accompanying refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. All four of the countries are … Read more

Ukraine dog seizures prompt call for rabies status change

A rescue charity is calling for Ukraine’s rabies status to be reassessed after 19 dogs it had rehoused with UK owners were seized because their rabies documents failed to check out. Burton upon Trent-based charity Paw Help Rescue and Adopt UK said it had been bringing rescue dogs into the UK from Ukraine for two … Read more

APHA warns of rabies risk from Ukraine

Animal rehoming charities have been urged to ensure rescues entering the country have the necessary paperwork after an illegal movement of Ukrainian dogs was discovered by the APHA. Follow-up border checks by the agency showed a shipment of 19 animals imported by a rescue charity traveledled on falsified rabies documentation. Rabies risk The dogs had … Read more

Free vet treatment for Ukraine refugees launches across Europe

Ukrainian refugees who have fled the Russian invasion with their animals can now access free veterinary treatment across 38 European countries, thanks to a coordinated project led by an international charity. Refugees will be able to have their treatment costs covered for up to five dogs, cats, horses or other animals as a result of … Read more