Pioneering treatment saves Riley from rare and aggressive form of anemia

A Scottish hospital has used a rare treatment to save a one-year-old dog from an unusual blood condition. Riley, a springer spaniel and border collie-cross, has now made a full recovery following several days in intensive care at the Vets Now emergency unit in Glasgow, followed by six months of further medication. The team used … Read more

Tip-top Tockly is a rare canine cancer survivor

An oncology team is celebrating after a cocker spaniel diagnosed with canine lymphoma joined the rare band of dogs to have recovered from the deadly disease. Tockly had experienced nothing more serious than a broken dew claw until April 2020 when she was diagnosed with mediastinal T-cell lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer with an … Read more

Autumn brings rare butterflies and moths to UK shores Butterflies

Summer butterflies have just about disappeared in the autumn rains. But there’s always an autumnal surprise when rare butterflies – and moths – are blown on to our shores. Esme Barkham with a moth. Photograph: Handout My mother recently sent me a photo of a heavy moth resting on washing drying on her line. To … Read more

Germany hopes AI can stop rare eagles flying into wind turbines | Birds

Small in size, sensitive of constitution and with only 130 breeding pairs surviving locally in the wild, the lesser spotted eagle of the Oder delta lives up to its name. In Germany, key questions about the country’s energy future hang on the question of whether artificial intelligence systems can do a better job of spotting … Read more

Stray Turned Service Dog Changes Everything For Boy With Rare Disorder

Jameson Wall, a 7-year-old autistic boy from Tennessee, was born drug-dependent and later diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder. His early years have been a series of doctor visits and hospital stays. In other words, it hasn’t been easy for young Jameson. Life was also difficult for Brucey, a stray dog ​​who ended up at … Read more

Butterflywatch: rare tall brown fritillary thrives on Dartmoor | Environment

There always seems to be one British butterfly species in a death spiral towards extinction. The Duke of Burgundy was on the brink but targeted conservation action has brought a surge in numbers over recent seasons. Over the last decade, the disappearance of the high brown fritillary has most worried butterfly lovers. It experienced a … Read more

Rare hummingbird last seen in 2010 rediscovered in Colombia | Environment

A rare hummingbird has been rediscovered by a birdwatcher in Colombia after going missing for more than a decade. The Santa Marta sabrewing, a large hummingbird only found in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains, was last seen in 2010 and scientists feared the species might be extinct as the tropical forests it inhabited … Read more

Rare colored sea slug spotted in British waters for the first time Marine life

An extremely rare multi-colored sea slug has been spotted in British waters for the first time. The multi-colored sea slug, Babakina Anadonimeasures just 2cm in length and was confirmed as a first sighting by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust. It was spotted off the Isles of Scilly by Allen … Read more

Rare wild ancestors of domestic pigeon found on Scottish islands Birds

Colonies of extremely rare and endangered birds that are the wild ancestors of domestic and feral pigeons have been found on secluded Scottish islands. Researchers have spoken of their excitement and surprise at discovering small populations of wild rock doves in places that include the Outer Hebrides. It is thought that rock doves were domesticated, … Read more

Rare sighting of common octopus captured on camera off Cornish coast – video | UK news

Huge numbers of octopus have been seen along Cornwall’s coastline this month in what experts are describing as a ‘bumper year’ for sightings. Conservation officers now believe this could be evidence of an octopus population boom – an event last recorded along England’s south coast more than 70 years ago. Divers and snorkellers have reported … Read more